Ariana Madix Fires Off Expletives at Raquel Leviss in Explosive 'Vanderpump Rules' Finale Preview

The final part of the 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion gets explosive in a new seven-minute clip.

The Vanderpump Rules reunion is getting even more explosive.

Ahead of the third and final part of the season 10 reunion, which airs Wednesday night, Bravo released the dramatic first seven minutes as Raquel Leviss joins Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and the other Vanderpump Rules cast members with Andy Cohen to air out #Scandoval. 

When Leviss finally joins the rest of the cast onstage, Cohen asks her how she's been doing. "I'm holding up. I'm super embarrassed and not proud of myself," Leviss answers, with her ex-fiance, James Kennedy, trying his hardest to hold back a laugh.

"I know I owe a lot of people in this room an apology," she says, referring to the months-long affair she had with Sandoval behind Madix's back. 

Soon after, Cohen asks everyone to run down the series of events that led Leviss and Sandoval to begin their secret affair, which brought the conversation back to the girls' trip in Las Vegas and the panic attack she had from the car ride to Lake Havasu.

"The difference is, they proceeded to bash me at this dinner in Lake Havasu and, like, it was this issue,” Leviss recalls, prompting Katie Maloney and Lala Kent to fight back, claiming they didn’t bash her, they were addressing comments she made in Vegas. “And by the way, my comment was spot on!” Kent brings up. "I wouldn’t trust you around my man. Hi!," before pointing to Sandoval.

"I was so drunk... I am so shocked at how drunk I got that night," Leviss says. "And my personality did shift this summer. Like, there was a change in my mindset that I started not pleasing every single person around me and I started only pleasing myself." Madix interrupts to say it was "my man." Leviss acknowledges she's "been super, super selfish." 

And that's when Madix confronts Leviss, dropping expletives in anger.

"Selfish does not f**king cover it, b***h!” Madix snarls. "Diabolical, demented, disgusting, subhuman. Let’s start getting a better vocabulary to describe your f**king actions, ‘cause selfish does not f**king cover it."

"I feel that my actions are human,” Leviss responds, but soon the others shut down her comment. When Kennedy asks her if she’s seen herself lie to Madix's face in one of the episodes, Sandoval tries to defend Leviss but comes up empty.

Kent says her peace, sharing that seeing how Sandoval and Leviss "were acting" and "saying the things you were saying while f**king each other was so demonic." When Sandoval says they "were not f**king," Kent fires back and asks if they were making love. Sandoval says he and Leviss had sex once, prompting Sandoval and Madix to get into a verbal sparring match over whether the amount of times he and Leviss slept together actually makes a difference. For the record, Madix believes it doesn't, while Sandoval stands firm and says it does.

The preview then cuts to Leviss' interview with Cohen, which was taped the day before, where she detailed where things were at that point in her affair with Sandoval when she had the conversation with Madix over intimacy issues in their relationship. 

"At that point, we slept together once,” Leviss tells Cohen during their one-on-one. "And he was very transparent with me in what was happening in their relationship." When he asked if she ever encouraged Sandoval to break up with Madix, she replied, “I encouraged him to reflect and see if he was really happy. Because, as a friend first and foremost, I wanted him to be in a situation that made him truly happy."

"I genuinely was coming from a place of, do you want to be in this relationship?” Leviss says onstage, prompting Madix to yell, "The answer was yes and you had already f**ked him at that point, so shut the f**k up!"

"F**k yourself with a f**king cheese grater," Madix continues to scream at Leviss. "F**k you! You f**king suck! You’re disgusting and I wish nothing but the worst f**king s**t that cold ever happen to a person on you."

When Sandoval opens his mouth to speak, he says, "We don't live our lives by logic," which makes Madix react with a laugh. "It's such a joke," she responds to the absurdity, as Lisa Vanderpump tells Sandoval she agrees with the entire situation: "There was no logic to this."

Watch the seven-minute preview below.

Part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.