Artem Chigvintsev and Sharna Burgess Tease New Project Together (Exclusive)

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Artem Chigvintsev and Sharna Burgess are teaming up once again!

After they both got cut as pros from the current 28th season of Dancing With the Stars, the two worked together to choreograph a Quickstep for Mariah Russell and Gino Cosculluela on So You Think You Can Dance earlier this month. Now, they're getting ready for another collaboration, exclusively sharing all the early details with ET.

Though Chigvintsev and Burgess admit they were shocked when they learned they wouldn't be returning to the DWTS ballroom this season, the two have been staying positive and looking forward to other opportunities.

Chigvintsev first told ET last month that in addition to teaming up on more projects with his season 25 partner turned girlfriend, Nikki Bella, he's also working on an exciting new venture with Burgess.

"Me and Nicole are still going to do dance videos, because we love doing it, and I'm also working on a project in Vegas for a potential show with MGM," he shared. "This is kind of in talks right now and I'm trying to figure it out."

"There's a few people involved," he teased, telling ET that Burgess would be part of it because she's in "the same shoes" as him, along with former DWTS executive producer Ashley Edens. "I'm trying to make something happen, [with] all the rejects! I know that sounds terrible, but it's kinda funny."

Burgess gave us even more insight on the upcoming project while speaking with ET's Katie Krause a few weeks later.

"We're actually building a show concept to pitch a live show ... it's a very new concept," she teased. "Artem and I are putting it together to both be in it, but also produce it. We're working with a great team right now putting it together. It's super, super exciting. It's just something different, wild and creative."

"Dance and acting related, it's a live show!" she continued. "Artem and I have always danced well together. There are people that just move with an energy that you connect to and Artem is one of them. He can take up frame with me and I don't even need to know the steps. He can lead me around that floor into anything. Honestly, that's how half of our dances on [DWTS] tour came together."

Plus, spending even more time with Chigvintsev means Burgess has also formed a closer bond with Bella. She said she couldn't be happier to see the two of them together, and we can't either!

"[Artem]'s so happy and in love right now, look at him!" she gushed. "I love them together! I'm obsessed with them together. I am so happy that they've found their way to each other. Seeing the love between them and just how beautiful, genuine and open they are about it is, I think, a really nice thing for Artem, too. He's not necessarily been the most open person on social media, but she's really bringing other things out of him and he's sharing himself more with everyone which is really important if you wanna be in this [industry]."

"Nikki certainly is his greatest champion right now, supporting him through those hard times," Burgess continued. "I think she's probably a big key part in what has gotten him through it. She's always very much been that person, that woman, and I love that about her so much. I think it's probably showing him that he can have that, too. That's why even though his [ET] interview was definitely heartbroken, I was actually really proud of him to be able to say those things and be OK with it, coming from someone who doesn't say a bad word about anybody -- to honestly speak about his heartbreak and the truth of how it went down. He spoke his mind and no one can be in trouble for that; you can only be respected for that, in my opinion."

Artem and Nikki
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In addition to what's to come with Chigvintsev, Burgess has a handful of other projects in the works that she's really excited about -- and is giving thanks to the universe for putting her on such an exciting new path. During her off-season, she started performing in two new musicals, The Storm and Esther: The Heart of a Queen.

"Both are trying to get to Broadway in the next couple of years," she shared. "Esther is a beautiful story taken from the Bible, but very much about female empowerment and this woman who becomes queen and loses herself a little bit in it and then finds what to do with it [to] create something positive. I think it's such a story we want now, and something we resonate with."

"The other one is The Storm, where I am singing, dancing and acting -- all three, triple threat," she added. "I made my singing debut in July or August this year and that was wonderful and terrifying, but epic at the same time."

Additional reporting by Desiree Murphy


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