Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Have Officially Chosen This Bachelor Nation Alum to Officiate Wedding

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti
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The couple also revealed when they're going to tie the knot!

Chris Harrison won't be officiating this Bachelor wedding. 

Jared Haibon revealed on Instagram on Wednesday that it'll be another famous Bachelor face who will usher him and Ashley Iaconetti into married life: Tanner Tolbert! 

The former Bachelor in Paradise star shared the news from his Puerto Rican vacation with Iaconetti, Tolbert, his wife, Jade Roper, and their daughter, Emmy. Haibon, who proposed to Iaconetti over the summer, also confirmed that they'll be tying the knot in less than a year. 

"Dearly beloved, @tanner.tolbert is officiating our wedding in August 2019. This is a preview of things to come," he captioned the sweet pic. 

During a recent interview with ET, the engaged couple teased they'd be saying "I do" during the "first two weeks of August." 

"We're not 100 percent sure yet," Iaconetti confessed. "Nothing's been signed." 

"We have a dress. We definitely have the venue picked out," she said, as Haibon added that their New England wedding probably won't be televised. 

In July, the pair was still working out even more details but told ET that Tolbert was on their wedding wish list. 

"We want Tanner to officiate the wedding," Haibon excitedly shared. "I can already see him with his smile again."

"He'll provide the laughs, cries. Not just cries, but the laugh cries," added Iaconetti who also revealed that she wants a "big" wedding and wants to wear a "ball gown."

As for how the couple plans to make it work after the wedding, they said their story -- meeting on Bachelor in Paradise three years earlier, and developing a friendship first -- makes them more prone to success. 

"It is easy," Haibon said. "I have never been in a friendship or a relationship that has ever been easier and we never get tired of each other."

"We never get tired of each other. That is definitely one of the big things because I get tired of my best friends. Like, if I am with them for 24 hours I'm like, 'Get out of my house,'" Iaconetti joked. "With him, I think we have only been separated for a maximum of, like, 16 hours since being engaged. That was one night apart and I haven’t been tired of him at all. I haven’t been thinking, like, 'Oh, I am craving alone time right now.' I don’t crave alone time with him, which is so nice."

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