Jenny McCarthy Imagines Dating Justin Bieber

Jenny McCarthy Imagines Dating Justin Bieber

Following her on-stage moment with Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards after presenting him with the Best Pop or Rock Album award, Jenny McCarthy explained the incident and also imagined what it would be like to date the allegedly newly single pop star.

"I just got to neck Justin Bieber and grab his butt," McCarthy recounted to ET's Rocsi after presenting the award. "It was a little cougar scary, but I took the opportunity and the window, considering I'll never get to do it again, and kind of molested him."

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The television personality and model, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday, envisioned what it would be like to date the 18-year-old pop star, who is rumored to have split with girlfriend Selena Gomez.

"Can you imagine how hilarious that would be?" she said when reminded of Bieber's relationship status. "That would be the cougar score of the century. 'Jenny McCarthy Dates Justin Bieber.' I want some Bieber fever--and I want a Bieber rash. It'd be like cougar rape."

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Having been part of the entertainment industry for a while now, McCarthy has a good understanding of what it must feel like to be in Bieber's shoes at the moment amid his relationship strife. Jokes aside, McCarthy assessed his current situation.

"I can't even imagine starting in the industry as young as he has, and then to go through a public breakup so young [is tough]," Playboy's 1993 Playmate of the Year said. "I've had them in my thirties and I was still [upset] to have to do it in front of the media. I think he's handling it good. He's got a smile on his face and he's moving forward, and that's all he can do."

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In addition to the playful kisses he received from McCarthy, Bieber took home an award for every category in which he was nominated (Artist of the Year, Best Pop/ Rock Album, Favorite Male Pop/ Rock Artist), which brings his lifetime total to seven AMAs. Bieber's AMA success is impressive, but not quite on the level of Carrie Underwood, who extended a noteworthy streak on Sunday.

"It's actually my fourth [award] for album," Underwood said of her fourth-consecutive Best Country Album award. "I've been so incredibly blessed that every album I've ever done--I've only done four---has won that category. I've won a few more in my day for other things, so it's kind of mind-boggling."

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Check out the video above for the full AMAs backstage video, including interviews with MC Hammer and Psy about their performance together.