Play Entertainment Tonight's Golden Globes Bingo!


Why should celebrities be the only ones who win at the Golden Globes? So maybe you won’t take home a trophy for Best Supporting Actor in a Mini Series or TV Movie, but you can still be a Bingo!

Kick back, grab a cocktail, and play ET’s Golden Globes Bingo. The standard rules apply: You can go vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, and we gave you a free space because we’re feeling generous. Here’s the board:


(If you want to play against your friends, we’ve made some alternate boards that you can print out here, here, and here to compete against each other to see who gets Bingo first.)

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Since it’s the Globes — the rowdiest award show of the season — feel free to turn this into a drinking game. Take a shot every time you check a box off. Just don’t get Glenn Close drunk.

Find out why Meryl is (and always will be) the Queen of the Golden Globes:

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