Julie Bowen Jokes about Kate's Topless Photos


As part of Modern Family's dominance at the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards, Julie Bowen won her second consecutive award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. When she was asked if she felt majestic after winning the award, the actress seized the moment to insert some hot-topic humor.

"Maybe if I get a little topless [and] you take my picture and sell it, then I'm royalty, right?" Bowen said when asked if she felt like royalty after receiving her award. "Poor Kate Middleton...I don't understand all this taking our tops off everywhere we go, but it's European...They are boobs; let's get over it, people!"

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Bowen, who has been nominated in each of Modern Family's three seasons, may be smooth with her humor but revealed that she hasn't been able to keep her cool after hearing her name called for the Outstanding Supporting Actress award at the past two Emmys.

"It's amazing to me what physiologically happens [to me] under pressure," she said. "Last year, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and this year I was like, 'I am completely calm [but] I have no moisture in my mouth.' It was like the desert; it was disgusting."

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The Maryland native says that although she enjoys the honor of accepting such touted awards, she doesn't necessarily enjoy the publicity that comes with it.

"I was raised with people who believe you should only be in the papers when you get married and when you die," said Bowen, who plays "Claire Dunphy" on the popular comedy series. "It's good, but it's definitely asking for it where I'm from."

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Check out the video above for more interviews from the cast of Modern Family as they celebrate their third consecutive Outstanding Comedy Series award.

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