'Hey Gladiators!' Chris Rock Teases Shonda Rhimes in New T.G.I.T.-Inspired Oscar Promos


Get ready Gladiators (as well as Grey’s Anatomy and HTGAWM fans), this year’s Academy Awards host, Chris Rock, is coming to everyone’s favorite T.G.I.T. network.

“Watch the Oscars,” the comedian announces in a new promo for the Feb. 28 awards ceremony. “The only show on ABC Shonda Rhimes doesn’t own...yet!”

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In another new spot, Rock holds a wine glass full of popcorn and a glass bowl full of red wine.

“Hey Gladiators, get your popcorn and wine ready, I’m hosting the Oscars,” he says, before realizing, “I think I did this wrong.”

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Rock is hard at work writing and crafting his material for the awards show, though he has remained adamant about keeping things under wraps until Oscar night.

"Chris has made no decisions about the content of the show,” the comedian’s rep said in a statement to ET on Jan. 25, regarding comments made by Academy Awards producer Reginald Hudlin, in which Hudlin said Rock was “revamping” the show in light of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. “All will be revealed on Feb. 28."

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