EXCLUSIVE: Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Landing Her First Movie Role in 'Godzilla' Sequel

The 12-year-old actress and self-proclaimed 'growing woman' also confessed to eating a whole pizza before arriving at Sunday's SAG Awards.

Eleven is headed to the big screen! Or at least Millie Bobby Brown is, anyway.

ET's Nancy O'Dell caught up with the 12-year-old actress on the red carpet at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, where she opened up about landing her first movie role in the upcoming Godzilla sequel, King of Monsters.

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"I just had a really incredible connection with the director," she said of Michael Doherty. I had a great meeting with him and you know, I just really love him."

"It's my first movie. I'm really excited and that's really all I can say, but it's going to be great!" she added.

Before Brown prepares for battle in Godzilla, she'll first have to battle it out at Sunday's SAG Awards, where she's nominated with the cast of Stranger Things for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, and individually (and against co-star Winona Ryder) for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.

"I have no idea, like seriously," Brown said of her breakout popularity since the show hit Netflix last summer. "I'm just boring old Millie and they like me somehow! It is incredible."

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The actress might not understand her popularity, but she's definitely not complaining. After all, stardom comes with things like custom-made Armani gowns.

"[Giorgio Armani] sketched it for me and sent it. And I loved it, I fell in love with it and he said he'd make it for me," Brown gushed of her stunning red dress, adding that after a season of rocking a buzz cut on camera, it's "really nice" to have her hair back to complete the look.

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But even with all the primping for Sunday's event, Brown admits she's just a normal girl… or "growing woman."

"[It took me] three [hours to get ready], include including lunch because I'm a growing woman, guys. I have to eat. I had like, a full pizza. It was a full to-do," she explained. "I had many slices. This dress is nice and stretchy so I don't really care."

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Brown and her Stranger Things co-stars definitely know how to make an entrance. See the child stars rock the Golden Globes red carpet in the video below.