Ayesha Curry Explains Why She and Husband Steph Took Daughter Riley to a 7-Mile Black Lives Matter Protest

Ayesha Curry, Riley Curry, and Stephen Curry attend the World Premiere of Disney's "THE LION KING" at the Dolby Theatre on July 09, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
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Ayesha Curry doesn't believe in 'sugarcoating' important issues when it comes to her three young kids.

Ayesha Curry doesn't believe in "sugarcoating" important issues when it comes to her three young kids with her husband, NBA star Steph Curry.

In a new interview with SELF magazine, the 31-year-old cookbook author talked about bringing their eldest child, 8-year-old daughter Riley, to a Black Lives Matter protest last month. Ayesha shared pictures on Instagram of her carrying their oftentimes scene-stealing daughter on her back alongside her husband, the three of them wearing masks.

"I think we protested seven miles that day, so we knew [5-year-old daughter] Ryan wasn't going to make it for the walk," she tells the magazine. "But with our oldest, we felt like it was time. I mean, even if it wasn't time, it was time, you know what I mean? And we felt like the best way to explain everything to her was for her to see it and understand it and hear it firsthand. So we brought her with us."

Ayesha said the experience was a valuable one.

"She totally got it, she internalized it, and then was able to ask us the questions that she wanted to ask without being fearful of asking them," she shared. "I feel like that's been how we see change happening -- because the children are our future, and I feel like if we're verbally and physically instilling in them the change we wish to see, that's the best way to get it going. So not really sugarcoating no matter how young the kids are -- not sugarcoating what’s going on, really tackling it head-on, face-first -- has been what's worked for us."

"And of course we wore masks!" she added. "I am petrified. You know, our son [2-year-old Canon] has really bad asthma, and it's been very important to us to make sure we're masked up, we're home as much as possible, we're limiting the people that we see, and we're taking all of the precautions."

As for how she and her family are doing under quarantine, she said 32-year-old Steph has been stepping up.

"I am a very lucky woman because my husband has actually been waking up with the kids every morning, and I get an extra 20 minutes of sleep, and that has been life-changing," she says. "For the first time in eight years, I'm the one to get the extra sleep. So that's been really special. For a while, [our routine] was looking like Zoom school every day, because the kids were still in school. So just balancing work, both of their Zoom schedules, cooking round the clock for everybody -- that's been wild. I've always cooked with passion and made sure that dinner's on the table. But during this time it's been breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, every single day. We've just been at home, trying to keep it together."

Meanwhile, ET spoke with Steph in September, and he talked about Riley being the "second mom" in the house.

"She's all about taking care of Canon and trying to feed him," he said. "She's even trying to change diapers now. All those little things make it special -- watching her grow up and to have the awareness of like, she's got to be a big, older sister."

He also talked about the possibility of having more kids.

"I guess you can never say we're done, unless you do something to fix that," Curry said with a laugh, "but right now we are very happy and content with our family."

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