'Bachelor in Paradise' Alum Blake Horstmann Says He Was Punched in the Face By a 'Crazy Person' in NYC

Blake Horstmann
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Blake Horstmann is recovering after a bizarre incident. The 30-year-old Bachelor franchise star took to his Instagram Story on Monday to reveal that he got punched in the face while out and about in New York City.

"Unfortunately I was in New York and some crazy person just punched a bunch of us standing there and I was on the wrong end of one of the punches, unfortunately. Me and like four other people," Horstmann said while sporting a black eye. "I got it checked out and everything. I do have a fracture in my orbital bone or something like that. I'm going to see a specialist. So yeah, good start to the new year." 

Horstmann went on to explain that his injury may preclude him from doing his typical recaps of The Bachelor, which aired its season premiere on Monday.

"I don’t know how much of the Bachelor breakdown I’ll be doing, 'cause I don’t think you guys are gonna want to look at my broken face all day," he said. "It already looks a thousand times better than it did a couple days ago. But yeah, if I’m not doing a lot tonight for the recap of The Bachelor, this is why."

Blake Horstmann

Despite his announcement to fans, Horstmann did in fact turn to his Instagram Story Monday night to provide his insights throughout Peter Weber's first episode as the show's lead.

At the end of his recap, Horstmann spoke directly to the women competing on the season and urged them to ignore the haters.

"There are going to be people out there that tear you down to try and make themselves feel better. Don't be afraid of that block button. It doesn't make you any weaker when you start blocking people," he said. "Them talking s**t about you, it says a lot more about them than it does you. So keep your head up through the whole season. It's not easy. Trust me."

Horstmann is no stranger to unpleasant Bachelor Nation chatter. After becoming a fan favorite on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette -- on which he was the runner up -- he appeared on season six of Bachelor in Paradise and the controversy really began.

Throughout the summer series, it was revealed that Horstmann had hooked up with multiple Bachelor franchise women while at Stagecoach. Eventually, Horstmann ended up releasing private texts between him and one of the women, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, in order to fight back against her claim that they were in a relationship when he hooked up with other people. He later deleted the texts when trolls started shaming the former beauty queen.

"One of the reasons I deleted the text messages was I was having a complete breakdown. I was breathing into a paper bag. All of a sudden, I took a step back... I was like, 'Caelynn's feeling this way, probably.' And that killed me. I was like, what I'm feeling right now, I just did to somebody else, and that hurt. And that sucked," Horstmann said on the podcast Bachelor Happy Hour. "I am sorry that it hurt her the way it did... I wish it didn't come to that."

Watch the video below for more on Horstmann.


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