'Bachelor in Paradise': Leo Gets Sent Home After Starting a Fight With 'Grocery Store B**ch'


'I should've knocked his f**king head off!'

That escalated quickly.

Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise painted Leo as the villain after he accused Kendall of being fake when she confronted him about kissing Chelsea after his date. Things only intensified on Tuesday's episode, when Leo, frustrated that he'd probably be going home, decided to call Kendall out at the rose ceremony -- and call Grocery Store Joe "Grocery Store B**ch." 

All it took was a simple "Say it to my face" from Joe to set things off as he approached Leo, who threw his drink all over the grocery store owner and punches flew. Producers appeared to step in before actual contact was made, but the damage was done, and Leo was sent packing. 

"I should've knocked his f**king head off," Joe told the camera after their altercation, while Kendall, now sure she was all in with Joe, went to comfort him. 

"You're a good guy," she said, before confessing to the camera, "I love that Joe just makes me feel so safe. He just makes me feel so happy." 

"I'm falling in love with Grocery Store Joe. Frickin' Joe!" she smiled, because nothing makes a girl feel safer than being feet away from a physical fight!

But Leo and Joe's altercation wasn't the only drama on Tuesday's episode. Relationships seemed to settle down as Colton and Tia, Chris and Krystal, Annaliese and Kamil, Jenna and Jordan, Astrid and Kevin and Eric and Angela declared they were in it for the long haul -- until new arrivals shook things up in the house. 

Just a day after Eric told Angela that he only had eyes for her, his eyes caught a glimpse of Cassandra. Leo's fight took up so much of the episode that we didn't get to see their date, but one thing's for sure: there's trouble in Paradise

Next week promo teased things between Eric, Angela and Cassandra come to a blow next week, while Colton and Tia might also be on the rocks. Meanwhile, Ashley and Jared return to get engaged, and Tanner and Jade and Carly and Evan return to show off their Paradise babies. Points for love!

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