'Bachelor in Paradise': Jordan, Kevin and Benoit Let the Man Tears Flow as Things Start to Get Serious


Things are getting serious on Bachelor in Paradise

Monday’s episode of the ABC dating show proved a week is Mexico actually is enough to form real connections -- or at least connections real enough to cry about. And lucky for us, those tears aren’t coming from Colton or Tia

Paradise’s “it” couple were surprisingly hard to find on Monday, as the drama shifted toward other relationships, and several love triangles seemed to come to a close. Jenna finally made a choice between Jordan and Benoit, and Kendall was forced to pick between Leo and Grocery Store Joe because of the rose ceremony (and, oh yeah, the screaming match that unfolded when Kevin let it slip that Leo had kissed Chelsea). 

Looks like we have a new Bachelor villain! Here's how it went down: 

Jordan vs. Benoit

Jenna's romance with Jordan had been up in the air for the past few episodes, and Benoit's arrival last week seemed to be the perfect opportunity for Jenna to cut things off with Jordan. But the heart wants what it wants. It didn't take long for Jordan to break down as he watched Jenna slip away, but that vulnerable side (and him confessing he's days away from falling in love) is what brought her back to him -- it just took a while. 

After an intense heart-to-heart conversation with Jordan, Jenna decided to cut things off with Benoit, but that breakup session turned into a makeout session. Jordan saw them kissing and confronted Benoit, who didn't want to hear any of it, though Jenna quickly decided she was all in with Jordan anyway. 

"With Benoit, I feel secure," she explained to the camera. "I'm scared of falling in love with someone who gets me so well they could just destroy me... My heart tells me [to] choose Jordan. So I think I have to cut Benoit loose." 

Benoit didn't exactly take it well. "I don't really understand why she's into him," he said as he burst into tears. 

Kevin vs. Astrid

Kevin also let his emotions out this week after an unexpected fight with Astrid. The two had been solid since pretty much the beginning of Paradise, but he decided that her going out with another guy would make them more solid. 

"You just asked me to be your girlfriend! Now you're telling me that you think I should go on dates with other people so that I miss you... What?!" Astrid cried to the camera. "I can't form a sentence. I need, like, 20 minutes to calm down."

She eventually did calm down, and Kevin explained that his past relationships on The Bachelorette Canada and Bachelor Winter Games, which didn't make it in the real world, have left him "damaged." 

Astrid understood and wiped his tears. “I dont think I’ve had a girl do that for me, ever," Kevin confessed to the camera. "I’m definitely falling in love with this girl.”

Leo vs. Kevin 

Everyone appeared to kiss and make up -- and then there was Leo. The whole Paradise cast knew about his kiss with Chelsea on last week's episode, but Kendall, who was about to give him her rose, did not. 

Kevin accidentally let it slip, and when Kendall confronted Leo, he went wild, searching for the "rat." Kevin tried to do the right thing by admitting it was he who had spilled the beans, but it quickly became clear that Leo had no intention of telling Kendall about his kiss with Chelsea, and it was all-out war on the beach. 

Kevin walked away, but not before throwing out a Justin Trudeau quote to the camera: "We are polite, we are reasonable, but we will not be pushed around." 

Leo vs. Kendall

Kendall then approached Leo about the situation a second time, and he SHOWED. HIS. TRUE. COLORS. Leo accused Kendall of "faking" her feelings for him and ruining his whole day with her quest to clear the air. Then he sarcastically wished her and Joe a happy life together, further setting her off. 

"I don't appreciate you being condescending," she pointedly told Leo, who looked unfazed. 

"I'm saying you're a phenomenal actress," he replied, as Joe, overhearing the squabble, came down to break it up. 

"Enough's enough," Joe said -- though judging by the promo for Tuesday's episode, we haven't seen the end of this. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below, and join the conversation at ET’s Bachelor Nation Facebook group here.


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