'Bachelor in Paradise': Blake Gets His Heart Broken AGAIN -- But Does He Leave the Beach?

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It's the beginning of the end! 

Season six ofBachelor in Paradise is coming to a close -- and it's time for the couples to decide who's staying and who's going.

Tuesday's episode of the Bachelor spinoff saw Dean return with a bombshell ask for Caelynn, as he suggested she leave Connor behind and join him on his van adventures across the country (reminder: this was just days after Dean dumped her on her birthday). As appealing as that sounds, Caelynn had some thinking to do -- but she wasn't the only one questioning things. 

Monday night's episode saw Demi's insecurity over PDA in her relationship with Kristian, which put one of Paradise's strongest couples in jeopardy. But that wasn't the juiciest moment of the night -- that would be Blake FINALLY LEAVING THE BEACH after Kristina revealed she just couldn't see them working out. Scroll down to see how it all happened. 


7:00 PM:

We never write up the post-credits scene, but we just can't NOT this time. 

Turns out, Matt Donald is in medical sales, and he sells placentas! 


7:00 PM:

Relationships are coming to an end on Tuesday's episode, with "devastating breakups no one saw coming," Chris Harrison teases. 

It's promo time, and it's a goodie! Multiple proposals, love confessions and Connor is still around with his bro-y voice! 

Thank U, Next

6:58 PM:

Tayshia, still in her prom get-up, hugs Blake goodbye. 

He wipes his tears, and we're glad production took that lighter away from him after those candles... 

"She just didn't want me. I wasn't enough," Blake says, before listing all of his famous exes who said "Thank u, next." 

"I learned a lot, but like, at what cost?" he asks. 

Deja Vu

6:56 PM:

Blake sobs to the camera about how he genuinely saw a future with Kristina. "How could I be this wrong every time?" he asks... the Lord? 

"Deja vu," he says. 

The women back at the beach note that Kristina was his third option -- to be generous. 

We can barely hear Blake at this point, he's mumbling his words through his breakdown. ANNNNNND drumroll, please! 



Someone Get a Medic

6:55 PM:

Kristina ends things by telling Blake his rose-covered set-up was "sweet." He whispers expletives to himself. 

"What just happened?" he asks. "I was so excited for tonight." 

Kristina returns to the group and says she's leaving Paradise. 

Blake loses all color from his face and we're honestly worried for his health. He might actually die of a broken heart. 

Bye, Blake!

6:52 PM:

Kristina tells Blake that she's just moved on. "I literally came to Paradise wanting you to find love," she cries. "I didn't think you'd be coming my way." 

Blake says he felt like everything in Paradise happened for a reason. "F**k," he says, as Kristina tries to make her exit. 

"Paradise sucks!" Blake yells. "I don't really have anything else to say... guess we just say bye." 

Ripping Off the Band-Aid

6:49 PM:

We're back from commercial break, and Kristina has news to share. 

"I don't think I'll be able to get where I need to get with you," she tells Blake. He's IMMEDIATELY crushed. 

"It would have been very misleading of me to continue with these dates," Kristina continues. "I'm sorry. Like, I really did not want to upset you. I really think I was being as open as I could be." 

Blake can't hide his devastation, and it's PAINFUL to watch. 

Uh Oh

6:43 PM:

Blake is lighting candles and tossing rose petals around the treehouse. "A couple weeks ago, I was so down... but it feels good to think all that was the trials and tribulations that led me here," he tells the camera. 

He pops a squat on a pile of pillows, and Kristina comes as requested. 

"This is very sweet," Kristina says. "I feel guilty." 

Uh oh... 

Time Machine

6:41 PM:

Blake is gushing over how he sees Kristina as the mother of his children and how they can't deny their feelings for each other, but we could not be cringing more. 

He's writing a love letter about how he's going to make up for his mistakes (do you have a time machine, Blake?) and fight for her. 

"Kristina, I know we can't go back in time, but tonight we can make up for it," Blake's made-up date card says. 



6:40 PM:

John Paul Jones is the sweatiest we've ever seen him, and that's saying a lot. Tayshia still can't get over his big gesture, and kisses him anyway. 

They start dancing and JPJ hilariously notes that Blake can teach them how to swing dance (because he's done it with literally every woman this season). 

Prom King

6:32 PM:

JPJ invites the rest of the cast to join them on the dance floor -- and the guys realize they haven't come close when it comes to romantic gestures. 

Sydney can't get Matt Donald to go to the dance floor with her, but that's OK. We have enough couples for this amazingly cheesy montage. 

"I do think I've found something great and something real, and something that can last a long time," JPJ confesses. 

"I'm the King of Paradise!" he yells. 

Ruining the Moment

6:28 PM:

JPJ emerges in his suit and somehow managed to get a corsage. He walks her over to a daybed with "PROM" balloons, a bowl of punch and a crown. 

"I crown you the queen of Paradise Prom!" he yells, before popping a bottle of champagne. 

"I think Tayshia's starting to realize that John's serious about their relationship," Dylan observes. 

Tayshia tells JPJ that she didn't go to her prom because nobody asked her. "I just didn't talk to boys," she confesses. "I was an awkward duckling." 

Cue the saxophone! And JPJ burping into Tayshia's face. This guy!!!

Paradise Prom

6:25 PM:

John Paul Jones is in full on LOVE with Tayshia, and apparently he's a good listener. 

Since Tayshia never went to prom, JPJ invites her to the Paradise prom. "I'll be back to pick you up," he says, going off to change into "formal attire." 

"John makes me feel so special," Tayshia gushes. 

Dramatic Music

6:21 PM:

Kristian doesn't want Demi to stress out, and promises she's going to make more of an effort to make sure she's OK. 

They hug, and dramatic music plays. 

Tears + Fears

6:17 PM:

Kristian tells Demi that it's uncomfortable for her to be so public when it comes to the cameras, but that she went through these struggles with general PDA years ago. "I'm totally OK with working towards whatever speed you're at... That doesn't change how I feel," Kristian says. 

"Why would I ever flirt with anybody when I have you?" she asks Demi. 

"Like, I have a lot of fears," Demi says. "I'm scared of all of this, obviously. I see you getting more physical touch from someone else, innocently, playfully. I feel like I'm not enough." 

Demi breaks down in tears. "I just don't want to lose you!" she cries. 

"You're not going to lose me," Kristian assures her. 

Getting to the Bottom of It

6:16 PM:

"This whole thing has been really hard," Demi says, before opening up to Kristian about her PDA insecurities. 

She tells Kristian she's uncomfortable seeing her be touchy with other girls. "Growing up, I never saw a lot of physical touch. I'm not a physical touch person. It makes me so upset, because I want to be able to be... flirty and touchy," she says. "Seeing you flirt with girls in the pool, I don't like it." 

Kristian says she's just an affectionate person. "It's hard to read you sometimes. I don't know when to give you affection or when not to," she reveals. 

Kristian says she's physical with all her friends, and there's no flirting behind it. "I promise there was no romantic... no sexual attraction," she explains. 

Connecting Souls

6:13 PM:

Demi and Kristian start their date with a ceremony to connect their souls together -- because if she's not showing off PDA with Kristian, at least their spirits will be touching. 

Back at the beach, the cast notes how much of an "adjustment" it must be for Demi to showcase her relationship on this level. 

Kristian gushes over the experience, but says she could see in her eyes that "something was up." "It hurt me, because her being upset, is not OK. She's my priority," she says. 


6:11 PM:

Demi says she just can't get over her anxiety around PDA.

"I feel like I'm going to take so long, and she's going to be over it," she worries. 

Breaking Down

6:05 PM:

Demi breaks down over her struggles with PDA, revealing she feels "guilty" not being able to show off her love for Kristian. 

"I don't want people to be like, 'That's weird.' Or I don't want people to stare... it's just stressing me out!" she cries. 

A Date for Demi

6:03 PM:

Demi gets a date card, but confesses that she's not in the mood to go on a date. 

"I hate that my brain works that way, but I'm scared," Demi says. "It has everything to do with me being comfortable being gay in front of people." 

"It's scary... I wish that I could just tell myself, 'It doesn't matter what they think,'" she continues. "I just feel all this pressure." 

PDA Problems

6:01 PM:

Kristian talks to Katie about about Demi's struggles with PDA -- right in front of Demi. 

Katie asks if they're getting engaged, and Demi's clearly uncomfortable. 

Demi notes how "flirty" Kristian is with the other girls, and how much it's getting to her. "I don't want to see that. I don't know if maybe she's lacking physical touch from me, and so she's getting it from somewhere else," Demi says. 

"In private, it's fine... I don't even want to look at her right now," Demi adds. 


6:00 PM:

Chase and Angela are having a blast, Hannah and Dylan are so in love that they've lost screen time, Clay and Nicole are almost there, and Katie's trying to get Chris on her level. 

Blake and Kristina, meanwhile, might not last too much longer. "I want to be the man who can make Kristina happy," Blake tells the camera. 

Kristina says she's become more skeptical. "Literally, you're asking me to take your word for it," she says. 

He tells the camera that he's going to tear down her walls, but he's also kind of rolling his eyes, so we don't trust him AT ALL. 

Curing His Heartbreak

5:52 PM:

Connor tells Rev his sob story, and she asks him on the date. Matt Donald still can't get her name right. 

Connor and Rev take a segway ride around the city. "I'm definitely interested," she gushes to the camera. 

They take off their helmets and pop some champagne. Connor is still talking about Caelynn, but tries to tell Revian he's ready to move on. Then he goes in for the kiss. "Cheers to an amazing day!" he says. 

Nothing cures a heartbreak like sucking face 20 minutes after meeting someone!

New Arrival

5:51 PM:

We get a new woman on the beach: Revian, from Colton's season (we think she was sent home early). 

No one can get her name right, especially Matt Donald, who is the first to tell her that he's already in a love triangle. Casual. 

"Many couples are already paired off," Kristina notes. "Meanwhile, Connor's a sad boy, moping around. I think a lot of us are hoping maybe she will take him on this date." 

Kissing Lessons

5:47 PM:

The next day, Chase points out that Matt has had two kisses in Paradise (one with Sydney, one with Bri), but hasn't initiated either. 

Chase tries to give him kissing lessons on a pineapple -- and he might need it. "Matt's never juggled two women before," Blake says. 

Sorry he hasn't pursued every woman at Stagecoach, Blake! 

The Wedding Parade

5:41 PM:

Chris tells Katie that he wants to fight for her, and she's loving it -- but still not hearing the L-word. 

"I feel like tonight, we've taken five steps forward," she gushes. "I'm going to be patient, because everything I want is right in front of me." 

They kiss and a wedding parade walks right by their table. "That shows us the future right there," Katie marvels. "Being in this moment gives me hope, because I know that life could be amazing with Chris." 

"Am I falling for Chris? 100 percent," she tells the camera -- before we get an epic shot of herself dancing with a full bottle of alchy in her hand. 

The L-Word

5:38 PM:

Katie is ready to have hard conversations with Chris. "I know I'm ready for all this, but to be honest, I feel like you've had walls up," she tells him. 

Chris concedes that he hasn't given her 100 percent. "I don't just throw 'I love you' around... I want to make sure I'm saying it to the right person," he says. "I haven't been there before." 

Katie asks Chris if he's ever been in love, and he says he has, but hasn't been able to express it fully. 

Katie wants to hear the L-word, and Chris tells her that he's 100 percent committed to her. "It's just hard for me... it's nothing like, about you. It's just been difficult for me," he says. "I'm giving you everything I have." 

A Total Wreck

5:36 PM:

It's nighttime, and Connor's a wreck. He's crying so loud that Blake hears him and comes running to comfort him (because he has nothing else going on, really). 

"I think what Caelynn did is really messed up," Connor reveals. "I genuinely came here to find someone, to find love. It's very frustrating and it makes me feel very heartbroken." 

Connor is so depressed, he considers leaving... but first we have a date to get to. 

Different Page

5:30 PM:

Demi helps Katie get ready for her date. 

"I think maybe Chris and her are on different pages," Demi observes. 

Katie confesses that she loves that Chris doesn't "smother" her, but she feels like he takes it to the other extreme. "I can see them looking a little rocky," Demi says. 


5:28 PM:

Caelynn and Dean's deal has forced the rest of the couple to reevaluate their relationships, and envision whether they can survive outside of Paradise. 

Katie notes that every girl is yearning for what Dean gave Caelynn -- someone who will come back for them. She's not feeling that passion from Chris. "Right now, I don't have that feeling of like, it's no one else," she shares. 

Cue the date card for Chris! "Katie, would you like to go on this date with me?" he asks. 


5:26 PM:

"I'm leaving!" Caelynn tells the women, bursting into tears. "I don't know if I'm making the right choice." 

"I know we've had our differences, but if something goes down, call me, OK?" Kristina tells her. 

She runs over to Dean and they make out and WE HEAR ALL THE SOUNDS. PLS TURN IT OFF. 

They head off, and we're happy they can kiss out of earshot. 


5:21 PM:

Connor feels "blindsided" by Caelynn's choice. 

"My heart's being pulled to Dean for some reason," she tries to explain to Connor, before giving him a hug and packing her things. 

"It's just mindblowing to me. What just happened?" he asks the camera. 

It Feels Wrong!

5:18 PM:

Dean tells Caelynn that he can't say what's going to happen next, but he wants to do whatever his non-plans are with her. 

"You put a smile on my face every time I see you, and I don't want that to stop," he says. 

"So, we fly back to San Diego, and you drive me back to L.A. in your van?" Caelynn asks, laughing. 

"It feels wrong!" she jokes. (Or maybe she's serious???)

"No, it's the best decision you've ever made!" Dean shouts, going in for the kiss as the group -- and Connor -- has to watch. 

She's Going For It

5:15 PM:

Caelynn finally sits back down with Dean. She notes that he spent the whole season talking about how horrible of a boyfriend he'd be. 

Dean says he understands her hesitation, but he wouldn't come back to pursue something he doesn't think is worth pursuing. 

Poor Connor is sitting on the daybed listening to all the speculation about what Caelynn will do. "I know the decision I want to make, I'm just scared... Scared of getting hurt again," she tells Dean. 

What the Actual F**k

5:14 PM:

Kristina calls Dean out. "You're selfish!" she tells him. "She's literally having a connection with this guy!" 

"Like, what the actual f**k?" she asks the camera. 

Kristina tells the group what she learned -- that Dean will leave either way, but he's waiting on Caelynn's decision. 

Connor's Got Some Good Points

5:07 PM:

Connor reminds Caelynn that Dean dumped her on her birthday. "What happens when you get back home? What happens when you actually are together and things get tough? Is he going to be there for you... and fight for you? Or is he going to leave like he did before?" Connor asks. 

Solid point!! 

"Him leaving before shows the person that he is, and I don't think he's changed," Connor tells Caelynn, who is slowly losing it. 

"He hurt me," Caelynn agrees. "So I should stay with you and explore things with you." 

Connor notes that Caelynn is reopening that chapter. "F**k this guy. Who does he think he is?" he asks the camera. 

He Did It For Her

5:05 PM:

Caelynn notices Dean's shaved mustache, which he says he did for her. "I'm a changed man!" he exclaims. 

Dean tells her that it's not going to be easy, but he wants a relationship with her. 

"Can I talk to Connor?" Caelynn asks. 

Dean tells the camera he's scared and nervous. "I don't think I got a very good read on Caelynn." 

What's It Going to Be?

5:02 PM:

The cast can't stop watching the trainwreck that just happened on the beach. 

"I know the only reason Dean could possibly be in Paradise is to try to get Caelynn back," Demi tells the camera. "Connor is the safe choice, but I don't know if Caelynn wants something safe." 

Dean asks Caelynn to leave Paradise with him... and the ladies think she's going to go for it. 

"This is wild," she tells Dean. 

The Dean Show

5:01 PM:

It's happening! Get ready for the Dean show! 

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