'Bachelor in Paradise': The Franchise Sees Its Most Brutal Rejection Yet

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Do we smell an engagement coming to Paradise

Actually, this year we smell -- or see -- a few, as host Chris Harrison teased in the promo that multiple couples will take their relationships to the next level on Bachelor in Paradise

ET was live blogging Tuesday night's episode as our remaining couples -- Demi and Kristian, Clay and Nicole, Angela and Chase, Katie and Chris, Hannah and Dylan and John Paul Jones and Tayshia -- were forced to decide if they were going their separate ways or heading to the fantasy suite. 

Harrison promised ET that we'd get a "successful" season earlier this month.

"It's been massively successful. But again, people say, 'Why?' Well, the percentages are greater [because] there are 20-something people running around on that beach, so the chance of people coupling up is much higher," he explained. "This is gonna be a successful season. There will be love. I won't tell you how much, or how far it goes, but there will be love." 

"We had to dust Neil Lane off," he joked. 

Scroll down for a play-by-play of what went down. 

Next Week

6:57 PM:

The episode ends with a FIRE promo about who will get engaged -- and who won't. Then, we'll get the reunion, with people calling other people b**ches, other people crying, and John Paul Jones GETTING DOWN ON ONE KNEE. 

And then... our next Bachelor! 

The Exception

6:56 PM:

We have our final couples! Dylan and Hannah, Clay and Angela, Chris and Tayshia and Demi and Kristian are left -- and excited for fantasy suites! 

The group packs up their belongings and prepares for what's ahead, and Katie can't wait to be the "exception to the rule." 

What a Turn

6:55 PM:

Chris has now back-tracked (????) and tells Katie he wants to give it a shot. What is happening?!? 

"I came here for the chance to find love," he tells the camera. "I want to take that risk... I feel like there's potential to have a great relationship with Katie." 

The Talk

6:52 PM:

IT'S TIME FOR THE TALK and Chris is already crying. 

"Is this happening right now? I don't want this at all," Katie says. 

Chris cries about how "unsure" he feels and we think he's going to break up with her. "I push people away that I like -- that I feel comfortable with," he says. Chris tells Katie that he's wanted to tell her that he didn't feel it anymore, but he's also felt on top of the world with her. 

"I don't even want this conversation," Chris says. Katie's confused and blindsided. "I want you to go with your gut, but I want to be with you," she tells him. "I want to be with you." 

Nervous Nelly

6:46 PM:

Katie is SO ANXIOUS about her chat with Chris. 

"If we break up like Tayshia and JPJ, I will be crushed," she admits. 

Next Level

6:43 PM:

Kristian levels with Demi about how she's had to be strong to ease her anxiety. 

Demi confesses that she's scared to let Kristian in, fearing that she'll think she's "not as good" as Kristian thought she was. Demi realizes that she has to just "step it up" and get over her fears. "I want to be better for you, and I have to be, and you deserve that," she says. 

Despite their struggles, Kristian and Demi are ready to take their romance to the next level. "I want to shout it from the rooftops: Kristian is my girl!" Demi says. 

What a Trip!

6:42 PM:

The remaining cast is on edge after JPJ and Tayshia's emotional goodbye. Kristian admits this experience has been far more stressful than the "vacation" she thought it would be. 

"If you're not 100 percent with yourself, how can you be 100 percent in with someone else?" she asks the camera. She's determined to find out if Demi's really ready to commit. 


6:35 PM:

JPJ gets in the car and rides off. (He didn't even pack up his luggage?)

Tayshia gets in her car soon after and leaves, with even less luggage than she had on Colton's season. (Anyone else remember her leaving with only her purse?) 

We get a montage of their cutest moments, set to the soundtrack of JPJ reciting poetry. He dramatically looks at photo they took together at Paradise prom, and it's SAD.

What Is Going On

6:34 PM:

Tayshia runs after JPJ. "I'm sorry!" she cries, sobbing in his arms. He picks her up like a Disney princess for about 10 feet, and puts her back down. "Goodbye, Tayshia," he says. 

She stands where he left her and cries. 


6:31 PM:

"I do cherish everything we've had here in Mexico," Tayshia finally replies. "But to hear that... my heart is beating so fast... to hear that you're in love with me, I wanna get there, but I'm not there yet." 

JPJ looks crushed. Tayshia tells him he doesn't know what he wants in a partner. "Don't tell me what I don't know," he says. "I know what I'm looking for, and I know that I want you. You are the most amazing woman I've ever met, and I'll never forget the time I've spent with you." 

"Thank  you for some of the most magical moments of my life," JPJ adds, before giving her a hug and heading off. 

Oh Boy

6:29 PM:

JPJ and Tayshia go off together. "I guess it's time for me to tell Tayshia how I really feel about her," he tells the camera. 

And then he pours his heart out. He talks about dancing together at the prom and how he'd like to dance with her at their wedding someday. "I'm in love with you, and I'm not ready for this experience to end, and I wanna keep exploring the relationship. I'm in love with you, Tayshia Adams," he says. 

She leans in for a kiss, but doesn't say anything. 


6:28 PM:

Nicole is starting to cry about her hurdles with Clay. We've said this before, but girl is keeping it together a lot more than we thought she would, so props to her. 

She and Clay finally sit down for their serious chat, and Clay says he's hopeful about their night together. "If we do this, it's going to be us, and we're going to be good," he says. 

There's No More Time

6:23 PM:

JPJ is ready to tell Tayshia that he loves her. She gushes to the camera over how special he makes her feel, but she's uncomfortable with having to make a decision right now. 

"I need more time," she says. There isn't any, Tayshia!!

Jesse Metcalfe

6:21 PM:

We have to say this before the season is over -- does Hannah not look like a female Jesse Metcalfe? They have the same face! 

Hannah asks Dylan to go to the fantasy suite, and he accepts. They loooooove each other. 



6:20 PM:

Matt has called Bri a "supermodel" 17 times in the last five seconds. 

She's turned off, and tells him she wants to be valued for something other than her looks. They're dunzo. 

Chase tells Angela that something's missing in their relationship and they decide to part ways. 


6:18 PM:

JPJ reveals that love is "knocking on the door," and he hopes Tayshia feels the same way -- but we've seen the promos and we're worried. 

Matt is excited about Bri, but she's not so sure about this. Saw this coming, Matt Donald! "She's so much more than a supermodel. She's awesome," he gushes. 

Go Time!

6:17 PM:

Chris tells the group that their time in Paradise is over, and they look as if they've never seen this show before. This is how it works, people! 

It's time to figure out if they're going to leave separately, or head to the fantasy suite. It's go time!


6:15 PM:

The next morning, the group is looking ROUGH. 

Matt opens up to Chris about how he made the right decision and followed his heart by choosing the "supermodel" over someone he had a "deep" connection with. Bri's rejection of Luke S. has convinced him he's on the right path. 

Chris Harrison is here AGAIN. 

Leaving Paradise With 'That'

6:10 PM:

Sydney doesn't get a rose -- and she has some harsh words on her way out. "Matt's going to get dumped. There's no way he's going to leave Paradise with that," she says, referring to Bri. 

She cries about putting herself out there and dramatic piano music plays. "I'm tired of waiting," she says. 

The Rest of the Roses

6:05 PM:

Bri accepts Matt Donald's rose. And then Dylan gives his to Hannah, JPJ gives his to Tayshia and Clay gives his to Angela. 

Now it's Clay's turn, and he's wearing a REALLY TIGHT T-shirt. He calls Nicole's name and she looks like he just said "I love you." But he didn't. 

Demi calls Kristian's name, and she gushes over how much progress they've made in their relationship. 

The final rose tonight is Chris', and he gives it to Katie, despite their struggles. 


6:02 PM:

Luke S. is up first, and Haley slams him as the poor man's Nick Viall. "Nick's way hotter than him!" she says. Woof! 

Luke offers Brie his rose, but she DENIES IT. "Knowing what this rose represents, I can't say yes to it," she tells him. 

THIS IS SO AWKWARD. "This has never happened before," Chris Harrison reveals. "Is there anyone else who would like Luke's rose tonight?"

Nobody steps forward, we think Dylan is laughing, and we don't know how to feel. 

Luke tries to tell us he's "fine" but that's gotta hurt. 

Womp Womp

6:00 PM:

It's cocktail party time. Chris and Katie appear to be in jeopardy, but we're not sure Clay and Nicole are in any better of a spot. 

Chris Harrison arrives to greet the group and marvel at their love. "At this point in Paradise, if you're not in a relationship, you're going home. Tonight, we're really going to put that to the test, because I'm canceling the cocktail party," Chris reveals. "Get your thoughts together, and I'll see you over there." 


5:55 PM:

Chris and Katie do not look like they're in the best place. She's over "some people," but we think she means Chris, and he says they'll just "figure it out tomorrow." 

Sounds like there are some issues to address... 

His Heart Will Go On

5:51 PM:

JPJ puts on his special denim speedo, and lays across the bed. Tayshia draws him and we couldn't love this scene more. 

"It's pretty spot-on," he gushes to the camera. He and Tayshia seal their time together with a kiss.

"As soon as the time's right, I'll put a ring on it," he tells the camera. "My heart will go on with Tayshia." 


5:49 PM:

Chris confesses to the guys that he's been protecting himself in his relationship with Katie. Dylan, meanwhile, is all in with Hannah. 

None of that matters, however, because Tayshia brings JPJ up to the treehouse so she can draw him like one of her French girls. That's right. 

Best Friends

5:44 PM:

Nicole tells Clay that she doesn't want to introduce him to her family or move to Chicago without assurance -- or an "I love you." 

"I'm falling," she tells him, and asks him if he is too. 

"You're my best friend on the beach," Clay tells her. YEAH, HE JUST SAID THAT. 

He goes on, admitting that he's starting to fall in love with her, but can't tell her that he is for sure. Ouch! 

Nicole says she's worried about getting engaged to someone who's unsure -- but we don't think he'd propose at this point, girl... 


5:40 PM:

Clay and Nicole get ready for their date -- and she reveals that she's almost dropped the L-bomb, but wants him to do it first. 

At their date, Nicole says she's been avoiding asking Clay serious questions about their future, because she senses he's holding back. 

Clay tells Angela that he wants to try being together in the real world. He wants to be totally in love with someone... but he's not telling Angela it's her. 

JPJ Is In Deep

5:38 PM:

At the beach, Tayshia and JPJ build a sandcastle and watch the sunset together. 

JPJ calls Tayshia his "dream girl" and gushes about their future together. There are still some deep conversations to have, JPJ notes, but he's falling in loveeeeeee. 

Done Deal

5:31 PM:

The women are "inspired" by Whitney's bold move. 

She arrives to Connor's hotel in the same bikini she wore to Paradise -- and Connor is shirtless, just like she hoped. 

"I just walked down to Paradise with a date card," she tells Connor as she walks into his FULL ON SUITE. 

Connor is beaming. "This is the best!" he tells her. They head out to the balcony and kiss. 

Big Gesture

5:30 PM:

Whitney greets the group, and the women LOSE IT. Sydney breaks the news to her about Connor. 

"I'm just shocked and a little taken aback right now," Whitney tells the camera. 

It doesn't take her long to figure out where her heart lies. "I think I'm going to leave and go after him," she says, walking right back where she came from. 

Too Late?

5:27 PM:

Connor just can't wait any longer, and tells the group that he's gotta go. JPJ doesn't even get up from his daybed to say goodbye, and we respect it. 

Connor says that if Caelynn hadn't interrupted him and Whitney at the wedding, the situation would be "completely different." 

He's sad about leaving, but he seems at peace with it. 

AND in what we assume was a highly produced moment, Connor and Whitney's cars PASS EACH OTHER. 

Staring Down Those Steps

5:26 PM:

Connor is staring down those steps like his life depends on it. "If Whitney doesn't come down those steps in the next five minutes, I'm honestly probably going to leave," he tells the camera. 

We start to think Whitney's not coming -- but she is! She tells the camera in the car that she's ready to meet Connor after connecting at the wedding, and can't wait to see where it goes. 


5:21 PM:

Back at the beach, Connor confesses that he's not into Revian, whom he just had a date with. Instead, he can't stop thinking about Whitney, whom he met at Chris and Krystal's wedding. (He also met Caelynn there, remember?)

If Whitney doesn't come down the steps, Connor's ready to leave. He's THAT into Whitney. 

Me Llamo Hannah

5:20 PM:

Hannah tells Dylan that she loves him back, and they're so in love they want to shout it from the rooftop. 

Instead, Dylan yells "me llamo Hannah" from the balcony, to the birthday party below. Eesh. 

In Love

5:18 PM:

Hannah and Dylan have their date at a kid's birthday party (where does production find these locals who agree to this?), and she's impressed by his skills with children. 

They both speak minimal Spanish, but seem to be having a good time -- at least good enough for Dylan to rave about how good of a wife she'd be. (What does this have to do with the birthday party? We don't know.) 

Dylan professes his love for her. 


5:16 PM:

Hannah gets a date card, and Clay and Chris are already speculating she and Dylan will get engaged. 

"Honestly, they might get engaged at their date today, and they might get married on the last day," Clay suggests. 

Material Things

5:14 PM:

JPJ and Tayshia talk about other issues -- like her love for nice things. 

"I like it when you talk about real stuff," Tayshia says when JPJ expresses concern that her happiness comes from him rather than material things. 

"Ok... so, we're on the same pagina," he says. 

Demi Wants an Engagement

5:09 PM:

Demi says she wants to be engaged and marry Kristian, but she's having so much trouble silencing her fears about PDA and having others see them kiss. 

"I'm scared," she says. 

Getting Serious

5:07 PM:

Kristian and Demi have a serious chat about their relationship. 

"I feel like what we're doing is we're working it out, and you're amazing... there's nothing you can do more, because you already do it all," Demi says. 

Kristian reveals to Demi that she's been triggered by what Demi's saying, relating it to her past relationships that haven't worked out. 

Mixed Signals

5:06 PM:

With just days left in Paradise, the cast is talking about whether they're ready to get engaged or head out of here single. 

Kristian confides in Katie that she and Demi are going through some STRUGGLES over PDA, while Demi  opens up about their issues to Tayshia. 

"I'm anxious," Kristian confesses, revealing she feels like she's getting mixed signals from Demi. 


5:04 PM:

We are constantly amazed by how some of the cast misses out on the biggest moments? Where were Hannah and Dylan when Blake and Kristina left, and why are they finding out about it the next morning? 

The End Is Near

5:01 PM:

It's all coming to an end -- and it's not looking good for some couples. 

Bachelor in Paradise continues Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here.


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