'Bachelor in Paradise': Wells Adams Teases the 'Sexiest Season' Ever After First Look is Unveiled (Exclusive)

Wells Adams
Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

The beach is heating up this September!

The drama is coming to the beach! During Monday's "Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette fans got their first look at season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise and some of the cast was on hand to tease what's to come.

"It is definitely the most dramatic season. I swear I’m not even kidding," Andrew told host Jesse Palmer. "You’re going to be on the edge of your seat the whole time." 

Andrew expanded on his comments while speaking to ET.

"Just when you're ready to root for someone or just go all in on something, it switches like that," he said of the season. "We were just really going for it. Everyone was really vying for love and it’s really good to see, but at the same time, love doesn't always work for everyone and heartbreaks happen... There’s a lot of that." 

"I just I don’t know how they're gonna pack what happened into a full season cause there was a lot," Andrew added. "I mean it when I say every damn day, every second, every minute, every hour that happened there was something going on so."

Serene agreed, telling the "MTA" audience, "It wasn’t anything that I expected. Honestly, I think it’s going to be a crazy ride every week."

"It’s gonna be different every single week," Serene later told ET. "... It was an emotional rollercoaster."

Meanwhile, Victoria told ET that it's "gonna be crazy to see" the season play out on TV, and Genevieve joked about the season, "The second you think you’re happy and everything’s good, guess who walks in? Jesse walks in."

"I become more emotional during my time at the beach than I do even [on the] Bachelorette," Logan teased. "I get really invested. I do. I put my who self into it. I also have a great time and make good friends, and you'll see all that."

It doesn't seem like the reality stars were exaggerating about the ups and downs to come, as the preview begins with Casey telling someone that "Brittany grabbed my d**k, Kira played with my nipples," while Justin notes, "I can’t say I’ve gotten a girl this wet. This is new." 

Jacob, who arrives naked, and Shanae appear to connect, though not as much as the guy may think. "I told myself I wouldn’t have sex on the first day," Jacob tells Shanae, who replies, "We’re not having sex, Tarzan." 

Jacob isn't the only man Shanae has her eye on, as she laments that "it is very difficult to juggle two men at once."

Also juggling potential partners is Logan, who's "a man in high demand."

Tears, drama and cop cars follow, before Jesse tells the group about "a shocking twist" and instructs the ladies to "go pack your bags." The women on the beach don't take too kindly to that, teaming up to yell, "F**k you, Jesse Palmer."

When ET spoke to Jesse himself, he urged people not to "get mad at the middleman when it comes to Paradise this year."

Meanwhile, BiP's resident bartender, Wells Adams, teased how the show thought "outside the box" and "tried some new things" this season.

"From my standpoint behind the bar it was amazing, from the people on the beach's standpoint not so much, they hated it," Wells said of the surprise twist. "... We tried some different things and brought in, I think, a record number of people onto the beach this season."

Amid all the ups and downs, real connections do develop between duos including Andrew and Teddi, Michael and Sierra, and Brandon and Brittany.

"There's amazing, sexy people in scantily clad bathing suits. There's a lot of tequila in bad margaritas that I make. There's crabs crawling over everything. There's Boom Boom Room, there's Fantasy Suites, and then, of course the most important thing, there's really beautiful, meaningful love stories that come out the end," Wells told ET. "... Everyone's in the best shape they've ever been in, they are ready for the beach, and this season is the sexiest season that we've ever had. I think everyone's gonna be excited about that."

"Expect the unexpected. People are gonna be shocked when they see who shows up on the beach, who ends up coupling up, some of the twists and turns that you've never seen on Paradise," Jesse agreed. "... It is gonna be a Paradise unlike any anyone’s ever seen before."

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise will premiere Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.