Bachelor Nation's Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum on If 'Bachelor' Should Still End With a Proposal (Exclusive)

ET also spoke with the couple about Peter Weber, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Mike Fleiss and more.

Eight years after they got engaged on The Bachelorette, Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum are one of the rare couples from the franchise that are still going strong!

ET's Brice Sander spoke with the married lovebirds at the WE tv/Marriage Boot Camp event celebrating 100 episodes in Los Angeles Thursday night, where they opened up about the current state of Bachelor Nation. The two discussed everything from Kaitlyn Bristowe's latest explosive comments about the show's creator, Mike Fleiss, to Peter Weber's recent on-set injury and whether they think The Bachelor should still end with a proposal.

With contestants seemingly getting younger from season to season, and people choosing to get married at an older age these days, should the Bachelor franchise make any switch-ups to reflect the times?

"I think you have to do what feels right," said J.P., who appeared on season seven of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with Ashley. "Like for us, it felt right. Well, at the time it felt right. Looking back, like, what the hell was I thinking proposing after two months? But you gotta do what feels right. I mean, no one forces you to do anything so..."

Ashley chimed in, saying, "The age thing is really interesting because it just goes to show people are not settling down younger, they're just looking for something."

"So maybe the people that are going on the show now, it's like they don't have the same intentions that people did five years ago," she explained. "Things have changed! Like, there's social media and now there are platforms that people are kind of building their whole careers on. So, things are changing."

"Why change something that's working? Like, what do I know, right?" she continued. "Everybody still watches!"

In more Bachelor news, host Chris Harrison confirmed to ET earlier this week that Peter, who is the new star of the franchise, "suffered a freak accident" while getting into a golf cart in Costa Rica. "He got a cut on his head. He did get stitches but he's 100% OK and production is already back underway," Harrison added.

Ashley reacted to the news, recalling a moment during her own season where production had to be shut down. But it was nothing as "crazy" as Peter's injury, she says!

"I was sick one day on my birthday, so we had to just shut down filming for one day," she remembered. "But that was it. I could see how that would happen. I mean, they're doing stunts, like, crazy things, like adventurous activities. So I could see how something could go wrong."

As for all the drama regarding Kaitlyn calling out the show's creator yet again, Ashley and J.P. weren't aware of any new issues between the two. ET filled them in about how Kaitlyn called him "a piece of s**t" who "hates women" while appearing on the Talkhouse Podcast" with comedian Nikki Glaser on Tuesday. In the past, Kaitlyn also claimed Mike had blocked her from competing on Dancing With the Stars.

"I don't know him well at all," J.P. said. "I mean, we only know what we read and can't judge people based on that alone, so I can't... I got nothing."

Ashley weighed in on the DWTS opportunity, however, telling ET that she "never" had a discussion about doing the show, even though she also would have loved to compete. 

"Never. You know, I love to dance, so that would be my dream to go on," she said. "It's interesting, though, why Trista [Sutter] was the only one [from Bachelorette] and then Melissa Rycroft? [We've seen] a lot of Bachelors [Sean Lowe, Nick Viall, Chris Soules, etc.] but not a lot of Bachelorettes. So I do wonder why? But, hey, I don't know the answer to that."

Hannah Brown is currently representing the franchise on season 28 of Dancing With the Stars, and Kaitlyn has shared her support for her from day one. "I couldn't be more excited for Hannah Brown to compete this season on Dancing With the Stars," she told ET in a statement. "I've spoken out in the past about how Bachelorettes haven't gotten the same love as Bachelors when it comes to the chance to complete in the ballroom. The fact that it's finally happening again for a female franchise lead is long overdue. I will be watching, glass of wine in hand, and cheering her on." 

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on WE tv. In the meantime, hear more Bachelor Nation news in the video below.