'Bachelor' Peter Weber Reveals His Top 3 Frontrunners (Exclusive)

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We're just three weeks into Peter Weber's journey to find love, but a few ladies have already made big impressions on the Bachelor. 

While speaking with ET on set of his Demi Burnett-hosted pillow-fighting date that aired on Monday's episode, Weber revealed his top three frontrunners. Interestingly, the woman he gave his first impression rose to, Hannah Ann, didn't make the cut. 

"I had an amazing night last night with Victoria P. Her heart just completely shined through. She was able to open up to me and definitely falling for her very hard," he confessed. "I'm really feeling Madison, she's my first one-on-one and she just, it was kinda cool to share, I was able to share a really personal date with her and something that really meant a lot to me. She just absolutely killed it. I'm really vibing with her as well." 

As for the third woman that Weber can't stop thinking about? That would be Kelley, who was on the pillow-fighting date. "[I] kind of have a little bit of a backstory with her before all this started. Just kinda a fate thing," he gushed. "Kelley, just right off the bat, [we had a] really great connection. I'm feeling really good about her." 

"This is going to be very difficult for me going forward," Weber admitted. 

The half-Cuban Bachelor said his feelings for the women have been the "biggest surprise" for him so far. "Just being a few weeks into this, already feeling very strong feelings for some of the ladies [is surprising]. I don't think I expected that. Then again, knowing me, I know I fall hard and I'm OK with that," he shared. 

Host Chris Harrison confirmed Weber was falling "pretty quick." "I think already he can see that his wife is in this room and he's going to find love here. Will it happen? We don't know. But he is such a sincere guy, he's truly looking for something and now all signs are leading to hopefully a happy ending," Harrison said. 

While Weber was finding meaningful connections, the women were also finding new feuds. Weber confessed to ET at the time that his last date (with Hannah Ann and Kelsey) "didn't quite go as planned." 

"Just a little wrench has been thrown into things and I'm just trying to navigate that as best I can right now," he said. "I don't want my heart to fall for someone that I could see possibly hurting me in the end, and so I'm going to be very careful moving forward.  But I trust myself and I'm going to follow my heart and trust my intuition, and I think I'll be good." 

"A little thing between Kelsey and Hannah Ann just kind of has me a little confused, a little frustrated, but it could all just be misunderstanding," Weber reasoned. "So, I'll be smart moving forward."

"We are early on, but the drama is pretty high already," Harrison chimed in. "I think that it always has to do with who the Bachelor or Bachelorette is, how big of a catch they are. These women are blown away by Peter and everything he has to offer and how sincere he is and so that drives the competition, that drives up the drama, and the tears and everything that comes with it. So, it's pretty high so early in the season."

This week's episode saw #ChampagneGate come to a close as the women set their sights on exposing how allegedly "fake" Alayah was. Sydney earned the rose on the pillow-fighting group date after bringing her concerns to Weber's attention, while Victoria P. later told Peter that she and Alayah had known each other from their pageant days, and that Alayah had told her to keep that fact a secret from producers. 

As Hannah Brown told ET on Tuesday, she is familiar with some of the women competing for her ex's heart. 

"The pageant world is very small in a way. You know of everyone," she said. 

"I don't know [if the women I know are good for Peter]. I don't know about that," Brown added with a laugh. 

The former Bachelorette does have some opinions about Weber finding an attraction to women with similar qualities to her. Sydney was in Brown's graduating class from high school, and Madison is also from Alabama. Hannah Ann is also a Hannah, and Alayah and Victoria P. are both from the pageant world. 

"Yeah, Alabama Hannah. Can't get away from it," Brown cracked. 

So, who is her pick for Weber? "As an outside viewer, not attached or part of the situation at all, I really can see the connection between him and Madison," Brown offered. "Like, for sure."

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below. 


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