'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson Accuses Ex-Girlfriend of Manipulation Following Hospitalization

Chad Johnson
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After his arrest following a domestic disturbance and his subsequent hospitalization, Chad Johnson took to YouTube on Monday to share a lengthy video in which he levels a number of accusations of manipulation and cheating against his ex-girlfriend, Annalise Mishler.

Just days after Johnson shared a number of cryptic photos that appeared to show himself strapped to a gurney in a hospital, he posted a 16-minute video in which he accused his ex of manipulating him, lying to him and "gaslighting" him.

"I found out some information about the girl that I was dating for six months and it just broke my heart," Johnson said in the wide-ranging video, before accusing Mishler of having actively used several dating apps -- allegedly including apps in which users could pay and be paid for sexual encounters -- throughout their relationship.

"The whole time we were dating, it was like something was off. She would disappear at night," Johnson recalled, adding that they rarely hung out for very long and that she would often go without seeing or contacting him for days at a time.

However, Johnson claims that anytime he voiced concerns, "She just told me I was insane. Told me I was crazy."

"To be gaslit, every single day for six months, to the point where you think you're insane… it caused me to go crazy," he claimed. "I lost myself a few times."

"I couldn't figure out why she was with me, because it seemed like she hated me," Johnson added. "But I was just so lonely, I guess... I just thought, 'Stick it out. It'll get better.'"

Johnson went on to share screenshots of what he claims are her various profiles on multiple dating and hook-up websites, and alleges that she had been cheating on him for the duration of their relationship.

"The pictures were just taken in her new apartment, which I helped her move into just a month ago," Johnson alleged of a number of photos posted to an app that markets itself as a platform to help people in relationships cheat on their partners.

"If you didn't want to be with me, you could just let me know," Johnson said, addressing Mishler.

He went on to claim that he'd had trust issues before this relationship, and that now they were worse than before. "There's no way I can ever trust anybody ever again after this," Johnson said. "But I guess I gotta try."

On Tuesday, Mishler released a video of her own, slamming Johnson's accusations. 

"His entire video was a weird, lie-filled mindf**k. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I hope he's OK," she said in the YouTube video's description. "This video is the most bizarre smear campaign attempt I've ever seen, and I don't deserve this, nor did he deserve how I stood up for him and took care of him last week after all he did to me."

She added, "This makes me sad. Take ownership of the events that unfolded due to you drinking -- stop trying to deflect and create chaos directed toward me. This is weird. And sad. Just because you feel your life is over and want to blame me, you don't have to try and bring me down with odd, baseless lies. Though this doesn't surprise me.. he always did say that he did this. And that bringing others down made him feel better. And that he can manipulate an audience. ha. Whatever man, I held my tongue a lot during this video and will probably continue to do so. Because I have no desire to ruin lives or talk s**t about someone I loved a lot. I care about people and I care about things other than myself. If you're in a similar situation, look up NPD and alcoholism as co-occurring disorders. And also just get out."

Johnson's YouTube video, and his apparent hospitalization over the weekend, both come in the wake of his arrest on Feb. 24.

Johnson was taken into custody last Monday afternoon in Van Nuys, California. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told ET that Johnson was arrested for alleged robbery with a domestic violence enhancement.

According to reports, the incident stemmed from a dispute with his girlfriend, Annalise Mishler, and the robbery charge was in relation to Mishler's claims that Johnson took her phone away from her and broke it. Johnson disputed Mishler's recollection of events in an earlier video posted to Instagram last Wednesday.

However, in his most recent video, Johnson addressed their high-profile argument and his aggressive behavior, which led to his arrest in the first place.

"I still feel bad about that," Johnson said. "I shouldn't have done that."

On Sunday, in reaction to the string of events that happened to Johnson -- including his apparent involuntary hospitalization -- Mishler tweeted, "I feel like i’m literally on a different planet where everything is opposite from normal. this some backwards s**t."

Then on Monday, shortly after Johnson posted his latest YouTube video, Mishler responded her to her previous tweet, writing, "Ah, it continues. and progresses. fun fun."

Johnson is best known for being a contestant on season 12 of The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher and also went on to appear on Bachelor in Paradise.

While on The Bachelorette, he was known as the season’s villain, earning the nickname, "Bad Chad," and threatening to cut off fellow contestants’ arms and legs during one episode. His over-the-top reputation followed him to Bachelor in Paradise.

For more on the controversial Bachelorette alum, see the video below.


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