'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Reveals Wedding Dress Designer, Location of Bryan Abasolo Nuptials (Exclusive)

The 33-year-old bride is 'excited' to finally start spilling wedding details!

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are going to make it down the aisle! 

The Bachelorette couple has officially set a wedding date, Lindsay revealed to ET's Melicia Johnson at the What Men Want premiere in Los Angeles on Monday -- alongside other details of her upcoming nuptials, like her location and wedding dress designer. 

"I am ready! I just announced on Instagram literally today that it is summer 2019 that we are getting married, the latter part of summer. I haven't announced the official date yet," Lindsay teased. "It will be a destination wedding in a warmer location, closer to Colombia, where Bryan's from, but it's not in Colombia."

Lindsay recently hired Michael Russo as her wedding planner and couldn't contain her excitement over finally nailing down details of her special day. The former Bachelorette, who got engaged to Abasolo on the season 13 finale of The Bachelorette in 2017, confessed that she always thought she'd end up tying the knot in a courthouse. "I am doing things a little different than I thought, so I'm excited," she gushed. "I wanted a 50 person wedding. We're already at 150!"

Though Lindsay's guest list is growing, she's planning to keep her wedding party small. "I'm not going to have bridesmaids -- maybe [just] my sisters," she admitted. "I'm 33, so at this point, I would have like, 15 bridesmaids, and it's just too much. So I will say that there'll be bachelorette-maids for the party." 

As for what she'll be wearing down the aisle, Lindsay has decided to go with a dress by Randi Rahm, who also designed former Bachelorette Ashley Rosenbaum's (nee Hebert) dress for her 2012 televised wedding to J.P., as well as many dresses for past Bachelorettes on the show over the years. 

"She did the dress that I met the guys in the first night [and] she designed the dress that Bryan proposed to me in, so it only makes sense that that's who I go with to design my wedding dress that I'm walking down the aisle to Bryan in," Lindsay explained. "I'm very, very excited... We're hitting the ground running. [I've] gotta go to New York, get fitted!" 


Lindsay -- who told ET in December that she was ready to get started planning her wedding after realizing ABC wasn't going to televise her ceremony -- also offered some advice to current Bachelor Colton Underwood

"I just feel like Colton needs to stick to who he is and he needs to know what he wants and then I feel like he can be better able to pick a girl that he wants," she said. "Colton's what, 26? At 26, I wouldn't have known what I was wanting, but he may be different. So I just feel like when there's so much outside noise around you, pressure to pick who you think you should pick or who someone else wants or whatever, I just feel like he needs to stay true to himself and pick the person that he wants."

"I keep saying this. I don't think men know what they want," she joked, in the spirit of the night's premiere of What Men Want. "Women are here to help them figure out what it is they want. Like, we're the neck. We tell them to turn left, right, front, back, whatever it is." 

"Men know what they want when we help them figure it out. We make them think they figured it out by themselves. They really didn't. We know we did it, and that's a woman's job. I expect to see that in the movie today," Lindsay added with a laugh. 

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