Bad Bunny Reveals He's Recovered Following COVID-19 Diagnosis: 'I Feel Great'

The 26-year-old musician also reacts to being the top streamed artist on Spotify for 2020.

Bad Bunny is healthy and doing well! The 26-year-old Latinx musician, whose real name is Benito Ocasio, appeared on Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden via video chat, and opened up about his recent COVID-19 diagnosis. 

"I feel great, thank god. I already tested negative, so I'm so happy," the "Una Vez" singer said. "I feel great. I feel perfect."

Late last month, Bad Bunny missed his planned performance at the American Music Awards, later revealing that he'd tested positive for COVID-19

The artist, who is from Puerto Rico, was recently nominated for two 2021 GRAMMY Awards, and shared that it means more to him when he's singing in his native language. 

"It was crazy, but obviously, I'm so happy and grateful to the Academy and fans and people who support me," he said. "Singing in my language, Spanish, and being nominated to the GRAMMYs is something that I feel so proud and happy."

He also recently became the top streamed artist this year on Spotify, which he called "locura," the Spanish word for madness. 

"That's so crazy, you know? Five years ago, I was so excited when I get my first, I don't know, 5,000 plays and now I am the no. 1 artist on Spotify around the world," he said. "I guess, just be grateful, you know? Because this is a dream come true and I'm doing what I love."

Bad Bunny recently opened up to ET about his new album, El Último Tour del Mundo, which is the third album he's put out this year alone. 

"This album is more feeling. It's more sadness and heartbroken," he explained, contrasting it with YHLQMDLG, which was released in February, and Las que no iban a salir, which dropped in May. "It's darkBut with feeling. I love it. It's like, a part of me." 

Bad Bunny also opened up about how testing positive for the virus impacted him. 

"The new thing that I learned [was] to be more cariñoso... lovable with my people. Sometimes you have people and you don't say that you love them. So that is [one] thing that I learned," he told ET. "I'm healthy. You know, I have COVID right now, but I am still healthy. I feel good."

For more from ET's exclusive interview, watch the clip below.