Bebe Rexha Gushes Over New Boyfriend Ahead of 'Baby, I'm Jealous' Release (Exclusive)

The singer also opens up to ET about her new song, 'Baby, I'm Jealous,' dropping at midnight.

Bebe Rexha is giving fans an update on everything from her new music to her new man!

While the 31-year-old singer has been keeping most of the details about her romance private, she opened up to ET about the qualities she loves most about her filmmaker boyfriend. The two were first spotted together in March, around the same time the country shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I wasn't lonely during quarantine," Rexha told ET's Lauren Zima. "I have a very wonderful man in my life right now and he's so amazing. I'm very grateful for him and I'm just enjoying my life and seeing where it goes."

"We like this guy. I think this is a good one. He's a very good one," she continued. "This guy is special. He's loving, he takes care of me, he's understanding of my career and what I do. My family loves him. He's just honestly an amazing person, and he makes me happy! It just feels right."

While Rexha's new beau has made an appearance on her Instagram Stories, the singer isn't exactly ready to go public with him on her feed just yet.

"Unless I have a ring on my finger, you ain't getting a grid post, and that's the truth!" she joked. 

Part of the reason why Rexha is keeping her dating life more private this time around is due to how her past relationships were affected by social media. She told ET that her new song, "Baby, I'm Jealous," which drops Friday at midnight ET and features Doja Cat, explains all of that.

"I have a love-hate relationship with social media," Rexha admitted. "I love it because I can talk to my fans and see what's up with them, but then you see things you don't wanna see. Mean comments, or when you go into a rabbit hole, becoming like Inspector Gadget and seeing things you don't wanna see, especially when you're in a relationship."

"I was in a [previous] relationship and did the crazy girlfriend deep dive, and I just saw some things I didn't like," she continued. "It's tough in relationships to be on social media ... other females, you get them in your head and you get a little insecure. I just saw likes and messages and comments, and I was like, 'Ugh, why? What don't I have that she has?' Like, this guy that I'm dating, why is he flirting with her?"

Rexha said that going down that rabbit hole "setup all these insecurities." Instead of spending another minute feeling down about herself, she went to the studio the next day and wrote a song about it. 

"I love songs that make you feel good but actually say something. I was like, 'I can't be the only one that feels this way,'" she shared. "And I think what makes this song empowering is the fact that I was able to be like, 'Yeah, I get jealous.' We all get jealous sometimes, and I don't love being jealous, but this is part of human nature."

The official music video for "Baby, I'm Jealous" will also drop Friday morning, and Rexha couldn't contain her excitement while opening up to ET about what it was like being back on set after so much time off. She also revealed what steps production took to make sure everything was up to COVID-19 safety protocols.

"It was exciting to get back. Quarantine has made everything a lot harder and I wanted to make sure that everyone around me, especially all the people on set, were safe," she shared. "Now I feel like we’re in a better space and it feels good to be back. It's exciting, I feel really happy."

"It was a lot of fun to film, but the testing part was not," she continued. "I know it was to be safe. We tested so many times on set, every day. Temperatures and nose swabs, but it was worth it. I had a blast because we had five different outfit changes, five different makeup looks and five hair looks."

As for why Rexha chose Doja Cat to collab with this time around? "She really wanted to make the video great, really wanted to make the song great," she shared. "When I spoke to her I was like, 'She is so lovely.' She's just excited and wants to create and she's just like a pleasant person to be around. It just felt right [to have her] and I was so happy with what she did with the song. It's amazing!"

As her fans know, Rexha is no stranger to turning collaborations into massive hits. Her song "Meant to Be" featuring Florida Georgia Line, for example, received certified diamond status -- an incredible feat, as only 39 songs in history have hit this mark. 

"I never expected to have a song like this so I am grateful, honestly," she gushed, while showing the 40-pound plaque to ET's cameras. "I'm really grateful and I'm really blessed. I wish I could break it into a million pieces and give it to my fans because they deserve it. They really do."

"I don't think it's hit me yet to have a song that I've been a part of sell 10 million copies. It’s insane to me," she continued. "I'm shocked by it and honestly still in awe. ...It feels like a dream."