Bebe Rexha Urges Fans to Stay Home After Losing an Acquaintance to Coronavirus

bebe rexha
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for BMG

The singer shared the sad news on Twitter on Monday.

Bebe Rexha has lost a 45-year-old acquaintance to coronavirus.

The 30-year-old singer shared the sad news on Twitter on Monday.

“This is NOT A JOKE. A friend of a friend just died of corona at the age of 45,” Rexha wrote. “STAY INSIDE YOUR F***IN HOUSE AND DO YOUR CIVIC DUTY. PLEASE.”

Rexha then urged the government to halt rent, utility and mortgage payments to help Americans deal with the global pandemic.

“The US government should put a stop to rent payments, mortgage payments and utility payments at least until the corona virus is under control,” she tweeted. “Millions of Americans are worried about keeping their jobs and their homes instead of staying safe. @realDonaldTrump.”

Taking things into her own hands, the musician then responded to fans expressing their financial worries by asking for their cash app details so she could send them funds.

She’s not the only celebrity offering up their own cash to help others. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have donated $1 million to food banks in America and Canada, while athlete Steph Curry and pop star Justin Timberlake are also giving back.

Celebrities are also giving back in other ways, ranging from Patton Oswalt offering up a comedy gig via Twitter on Monday, to Ashley Tisdale showing how fans can keep up their fitness regimes at home.

The Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers, had followers entertained with his “Mr. Brightside” hand-washing video.

Meanwhile, New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg consoled fans dealing with the pandemic and its consequences -- like Monday's cancellation of the boy band's upcoming cruise -- by spending a chunk of his evening sending twugs (Twitter hugs) to as many of his 1.5 million followers as he could. The gesture even resulted in the term “twug” trending worldwide.

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