Becky G and Anitta Open Up About Embracing Their Sexuality and Freedom in Their Music

Anitta and Becky G
Red Table Talk: The Estefans/Facebook

The singers sat down for a candid, empowering conversation in the latest episode of 'Red Table Talk: The Estefans.'

Becky G and Anitta are opening up about empowering women and living their truths. The best-selling songstresses recently sat down for a candid conversation about their careers, their impact on music, and the lessons they've learned over the years in a new episode of Red Table Talk: The Estefans.

Sitting down with Gloria, Lili and Emily Estefan, the singers got candid about societal expectations, and the expectations placed upon them as women in the music industry -- as well as the argument that some critics have made claiming that female artists being open about sex in music harms people's perceptions of women in general.

"I think the bigger general message is that when I choose to go there is when it should be respected," Becky G said, stressing that being open about sex is a choice women should make for themselves, and not a choice to be made for them by others. "For all women, when we choose to go there is when it should be respected."

The singer said that her self-image and sexiness isn't dependent on being sexualized, but on how she embraces it, sharing "I might feel super sexy in the music video, but I’m also super sexy with my hair in a chongo and sweats... [or] I also can be in a suit."

That being said, she also recognizes that some women in the industry do get pressured to be more overtly sexual than they are comfortable with.

"It’s different when a woman, I think, is going there because they feel they have to," she shared. "Because lord knows there’s been times where I know a lot of young women who come into the industry and think they have to be something that they’re not, because someone’s telling them that they have to show more, that they have to do this, that they should talk like this."

"[Some people say], 'No, the music videos’ not sexy enough’ And I’m like b**ch, I’m sexy! I’m the sexy!" Becky G said. "It’s an essence, it’s an aura, it’s an energy thing."

"It’s about how you want to talk, and if you wanna say ‘I love to have sex!’ then I’m gonna say it, 'I love to have sex!” she added.

"I think it’s [about] freedom for us to do whatever we want. If I have sex with 20 guys and they are all friends, if I had sex with the whole industry, which probably I had, I don’t care!" Anitta added with a laugh.

"Also, it's no one's business to know what happens in my bedroom," Becky G added. "We shouldn't just be publicizing every single thing about our lives when some things are meant for us to go through on our own, for our own personal growth."

As Gloria explained, young fame and meteoric success can lead to people being put into positions in the public eye that they aren't ready for and didn't ask for.

"You become very famous, and you get thrust into the position of, 'Oh, now it is your responsibility to be the example for every girl and every woman,'" she said.

"I'm not a role model, I'm a real model," Becky G explained. "I want people to see I'm a real person and I have my own obstacles to overcome."

Fans will actually get a chance to see more of Becky G's personal life and delve into point of view with her new Facebook Watch seriesFace to Face With Becky G. Announced Thursday, the new show will feature Becky G chatting with her favorite artists, icons and friends for "real conversations aimed at a young audience." 

Meanwhile, fans can check out Becky G and Anitta's full, candid conversation on Red Table Talk: The Estefans' Facebook Watch page. New episodes stream Thursdays.