Becky G Is Getting a Talk Show on Facebook Watch

'Face to Face With Becky G' will focus on a younger audience.

Get ready to get up close and personal with Becky G! The 24-year-old singer is getting her own talk show on Facebook Watch called Face to Face With Becky G

The new show will feature Becky G chatting with her favorite artists, icons and friends for "real conversations aimed at a young audience." 

“Staying connected to mi gente and our cultures is incredibly important to me," Becky G said in a statement. "My new talk show on Facebook Watch will take this engagement to a whole new level -- where we’ll discuss the issues that really matter to us and our communities, have great guests and of course, invite everyone to the conversation.”

Becky G opened up to ET back in May about moving forward in her career and embracing her identity. 

"Especially in the industry, as a young Latina who represented two flags, who considered herself the 200 percent, I always felt like I had one foot in one world and one foot in the other," she expressed to ET at the time. "I had to choose which one I had to support or which I had to identify more with, which one was I going to be accepted in more. And as I started really pursuing my artistic identity, it just started to fuse together and I realize that there's an entire generation of youth out there that really embraces it and wants to learn more about where they come from and what is in their blood, and the history of their last name, but also really owning who they are today." 

For more on Becky G watch the video below.