Becky G.'s 'Mayores' Music Video Glam -- Get the Look With Celebrity Makeup Artist Etienne Ortega (Exclusive)


Halloween is coming up, need some inspiration? What better way to celebrate than with one of Becky G.’s hottest looks!

ET’s original beauty series, How-To Hollywood, invited celebrity makeup artist Etienne Ortega back to show us how to achieve one of the highly sought after, ultra-sultry looks he created for Becky G.’s "Mayores" music video using his new PUR Cosmetics Pro eye shadow palette.

The 29-year-old makeup artist -- who also boasts such clients as Kris Jenner, Christina Aguilera and more -- has worked with the 20-year-old singer for almost four years now, “She's so sweet and her whole family is amazing and very close to how my family is, so we clicked immediately.”

When it came to the "Mayores" shoot, Etienne explained, “Becky is such a little genius with her music videos. She directed it herself, she came up with the concept, with the idea. Music videos are actually my favorite thing to do. That's where I really get to play and be creative!” He gushed, “[Becky] always brings her ideas and then I put my input in. [It was] definitely a collaboration, she's very open and so fun to work with!”

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve Becky G.’s sexy "Mayores" makeup:

Step 1. Smokey Eye

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Etienne created this look for Becky using just three eye shadows from his PUR Pro palette -- "Lola," a matte brown shade; "3 a.m.," a black shadow and "Zenon," a silver-toned color, yes, named after the Disney Channel original movie. “I was obsessed with those movies. When I thought of this silver tone I was like, Zenon!”

Pro Tip: “With a smokey eye, it's really important to layer and to diffuse everything, blend everything out to get a really seamless finish. If you're ever in doubt, just keep blending! That’s what I always tell people!”

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To intensify the look, Etienne added a kohl eyeliner inside the waterline and buffed the liner into the rest of the eyeshadow below the eye.


Step 2. Mascara

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Pro Tip: Etienne used lots of mascara and lashes for this look. “We did a thick lash, clumpy almost, but that's what I was going for. Two good coats of mascara will be perfect!”

Step 3. Nude Lip

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“Becky had a really nice nude lip to compliment the eyes,” Etienne revealed.

Pro Tip:  Want a fuller pout? Over-line your lips “to give it more of a sexy vibe!” For this look, Etienne used MAC Cosmetic’s "Spice" lip pencil and his “favorite nude gloss ever,” Kevyn Aucoin's lip gloss in "Vesuvian."

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Pro Tip 2: Blend the gloss with the liner as you apply! 

Step 4. Wig (Optional)

Pro Tip: If your hair isn’t a similar shade to Becky G.’s dark tresses, grab a blunt bob wig from a local Halloween shop and pop it on! 

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