Behati Prinsloo Reveals That Adam Levine Almost Pooped His Pants During Their Baby's Birth

Behati Prinsloo
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The model shared the hilarious story during Ellen DeGeneres' final Mother's Day episode.

Behati Prinsloo gave birth to her and Adam Levine's eldest daughter, Dusty Rose, five years ago, but Prinsloo wasn't the only one who had a special delivery to make that night.

During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as part of the program's final Mother's Day episode, the model and mom shared a hilarious story with DeGeneres and the audience -- which was filled with first-time mothers-to-be -- about Levine nearly pooping his pants during their daughter's birth.

"I had a doula to help me kind of stay out of the hospital as long as possible, so I'm not there too soon, and Adam told me Carson Daly told him that we all need to eat a lot of food, because the dad can pass out if he doesn't eat and the mom also needs food," Prinsloo told DeGeneres.

"I'm like, 'I'm good.' I'm in pre-labor here," she continued. "So, I'm at home, not feeling like eating, so he orders pasta and pizza, and he eats everything -- everything."

Things took a turn for the worse for the Maroon 5 front man when the couple arrived at the hospital.

"We finally get to the hospital, and I actually waited too late to go to the hospital, so I couldn't get the full epidural, but I'm very happy about that now. So, the whole time I'm in labor, Adam had to go to the bathroom really bad," Prinsloo, who is also mom to Gio, 4, recounted. "And after Dusty was born -- who you've named -- he goes, 'Is there a bathroom?' And the nurse shows him the bathroom right in the delivery room and he goes, 'That's not gonna do it, I need a far away bathroom.'"

"And that's when we realized Adam is a really nervous eater. When he gets nervous, he eats a lot," the mother of two quipped.

Not long after sharing her hilarious birth story, Prinsloo got surprised by the nervous eater himself, who showed up with a bouquet of roses for his wife.

"Does he have anything planned?" DeGeneres asked while a sneaky Levine made his way onstage with the huge bundle of flowers.

"He better have something planed because my birthday is in...," Prinsloo began before getting the surprise visit from her hubby.

While Levine's visit came as a shock for Prinsloo, who was admittedly "shaking," Levine was taken aback too, after hearing that Prinsloo told DeGeneres their embarrassing birth story.

"I cannot believe that I sat back there and watched you tell the story of me almost pooping my pants," Levine said. "That was awesome."

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

After gushing over his wife, the rock star congratulated the audience of expectant mothers and revealed that he has a few more surprises for Prinsloo on Mother's Day, including a sweet serenade.

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