‘Being Mary Jane’: MJ Makes a Big Decision as Justin Pitches Her a ‘New Dream’

Being Mary Jane Finale Season Four

“How do you chose between your best friend, and your boyfriend?”  

On Tuesday’s season four finale episode of Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) is faced with a huge decision when she’s given the daunting task of choosing the next executive producer for Great Day USA.

What starts as a power move, quickly becomes a nightmare, because her boyfriend Justin (Michael Ealy) and her bestie Kara (Lisa Vidal) are gunning for the same position. And the thought of picking Justin over Kara has her dreaming about their future together. 

Being Mary Jane Bed

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Since Justin doesn’t know that MJ is on the “hiring committee” he tells her that he’s willing to “do what it takes” to “guarantee” him the job. But, also reveals that if he doesn't get the gig, he’s ready to take another executive producer job at a new political talk show in Los Angeles.

“The last thing I want to do is put us in a position where I have to consider taking this job and moving. But if Kara wins, I don’t know if I’ll have a choice,” he tells MJ, who assumes that he secretly figured out that she has a vote in the executive producer race. 

Kara on the other hand, decides that being named EP of the morning show means she’s finally be able to move her family to New York, and all signs are pointing to her landing the position. 

The ratings are up at GDU, and things get better when MJ and Kara successfully pitch a “female panel” segment called “Breakfast with Mary Jane,” which turns out to be a hit for the show and for MJ. 

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Justin eventually learns that MJ has a vote on his potential GDU promotion, which opens up another tensely candid conversation about how hard he continues to work at gaining her trust. 

“Maybe that’s a pitfall of having a relationship that started the way ours did. Maybe there will always be a sliver of doubt,” MJ confesses after Justin confronts her about not trusting him. 

Naturally, MJ chooses Kara as executive producer, which triggers a mini-temper tantrum from Justin.

“Kara will take this show to new heights,” MJ explains before admitting to Justin that she didn’t want to pick him out of “fear” that he would leave her if she voted for Kara.

“You made your decision, now I’m going to live up to your expectations,” Justin says before walking out on MJ, who’s finally learning to stand on her own two feet.

“Life doesn’t stop because Justin left,” MJ tells Kara ahead of a big party celebrating her new position.

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Although Justin doesn’t officially split with MJ, the same can't be said for her parents. Paul (Richard Roundtree) is ready to divorce Helen (Margaret Avery) after she admitted to having an affair with his best friend, and it seems that cooking a good meal wasn't enough to win her man back. 

Being Mary Jane Parents

In other relationship news, Kara thought her baseball player boyfriend, Orlando (Nicholas Gonzalez), was going to propose but he gave her a name plate for her desk instead. 

Even though Kara didn’t get a pretty diamond ring, there’s another proposal in the works when Justin returns to MJ with bouquets of flowers and an apology for his childish behavior. 

“I just don’t want to move forward with you,” he says before suggesting another scenario, that involves them (hopefully) living happily ever after. 

“I want to pitch a new dream to replace that old one. You and me, the two of us,” he says. 

Being Mary Jane Proposal

The lovebirds have certainly come a long way in their relationship, especially after MJ cheated on her fiancée Lee (Chiké Okonkwo) with Justin and opted to follow her heart, and the choice seems to be paying off. 

But is MJ really ready to marry the man of her dreams? Fans will have to wait until season five of Being Mary Jane returns to BET.