'Below Deck Mediterranean' Cast Shares Their Strangest Guest Requests (Exclusive)

Joao Franco and Hannah Ferrier of Bravo's 'Below Deck Mediterranean.'
Greg Endries / Bravo

Below Deck Med is back!

The Bravo hit returns for season four on Monday, so before you tune in, get to know the new cast of characters aboard motor yacht Sirocco… by learning about the weirdest guest requests they’ve ever had to fulfill.

Newbie deckhand Jack Stirrup has, by far, the wildest story.

"She said, 'Meet me in the cabin in 10 minutes and put me out of my misery,'" he recalls of a mystery charter guest. "So, I did [and] 20 minutes later, she had a smile on her face. Right up there with customer services, one of my strong points, as well. Think I got the crew an extra bit of tip, as well, to be honest. Put her out of her misery."

Third stew Anatasia Surmava’s tale is in the same theme.

"I think the strangest thing a guest has ever asked me for was on their provisioning sheet, they had me stock their room and their friend’s room with condoms and lubricant," she shares. "That was a weird one. My shopping list went, like, tomatoes, avocados, bananas, condoms, lubrication, more condoms and some bread."

Watch more confessions here:

Stew Aesha Scott says her openness with a yacht owner lost her some sleep.

"One of my owners once called me at, like, five in the morning to come to her bedroom and I had to blot alcohol onto her cold sore for her," she admits. "I made the stupid mistake of, I saw that she had a cold sore and I was like, 'Aw! I get cold sores, too.' Like, 'When I get it, I put alcohol, medicine on it, some cold sore cream,' and I get called at five in the morning, had to put full makeup, full uniform back on and go and stand there and blot her bloody cold sore for her."

Then there’s deckhand Travis Michalzik’s sad story… about nuts.

"One guest wanted the -- we had almonds, which had, that weren’t peeled almonds," he says. "So, we had to peel the almonds by soaking them and scraping them off with a little teaspoon."

We’re sure there are more strange stories where those came from on season four of Below Deck Mediterranean, which premieres Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Check out the full season four trailer below.


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