'Below Deck': Watch How Kate Handles Laura’s ‘Check Yourself’ Meltdown (Exclusive)

Kate Chastain is bewildered by third stew Laura Bettencourt on Bravo's Below Deck.

Check yourself!

Below Deck is back after the holiday break and, judging by ET’s exclusive first look at the next episode, we’re predicting some rough seas ahead for new steward Laura Bettencourt. If you need a refresher, the last episode left us in the middle of a showdown between Laura and chief stew Kate Chastain. Laura was upset that Kate critiqued the way she had done turn-down service for the guests. Reminder, Laura replaced original third stew Caroline Bedol weeks into the charter season, after Caroline had a breakdown of her own.

“This is insane, dude,” Laura shouts at Kate, her boss. “You need to seriously figure your s**t out. Have some respect and appreciation for me constantly cleaning up after you all f**king you. This is enough. There is hundreds of other ways that you could’ve approached that situation.”

“Like, you go through the cabins before the end of your shift?!” she continues. “You had no right to do that. You need to check yourself. You need to check yourself. Understood? Understood? You’re fake and I’ve had enough.”

“So, do you wanna quit?” a bewildered Kate asks.

“I want you to check yourself,” Laura mutters as she storms off to laundry duty.

“Rule No. 1, don’t scream at your superiors in front of charter guests,” Kate tells the audience in a confessional. “Rule No. 2, don’t scream at your boss, period. Rule No. 3, check yourself.”

Check out the full confrontation and aftermath here:

Kate immediately heads up to the bridge of the yacht to give Captain Lee Rosbach the rundown of what just went down.

“We have an issue,” she tells him. “The issue is Laura. She had a temper tantrum, she was ready to scream at me within earshot of the charter guests. The problem started because I asked her to do turn-downs, I went and looked -- towels everywhere, empty trashes, bathroom’s not done. So, I told her, ‘You need to do this, and you need…’ and she was like, ‘You need to get her s**t together.”

“I would like you to give her a gentle reminder of the hierarchy on the boat,” Kate adds. “Or, we can fire her. Or, I’ll quit. There are three options.”

“Seriously?” Captain Lee asks in a confessional. “She just got rid of one problem with Caroline and here’s another one? I can’t just pick stews off the fig trees out here.”

Tune into Bravo’s Below Deck on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET to see what happens next.


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