Ben Affleck Appears to Wear Watch Jennifer Lopez Gave Him in 'Jenny From the Block' Music Video

Looks like Ben Affleck is bringing back a sentimental token from Jennifer Lopez.

Looks like Ben Affleck is bringing back a sentimental token from his ex-fiancée, Jennifer Lopez. The two were spotted together in Miami on Sunday, and he appeared to be wearing the same watch Lopez famously bought for him in her 2002 music video, "Jenny From the Block."

In photos taken on Sunday, Affleck is wearing a T-shirt and sports the distinctive silver watch on his left wrist. Some fans immediately noted on Twitter that the watch appears to be the same one Lopez is shown buying and giving him in the 2002 video. Affleck starred in Lopez's infamous "Jenny From the Block" video, which focused on the paparazzi's intense interest in their relationship at the time.

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Fans also pointed out that Affleck frequently wore the watch in question in photos of the couple when they dated.

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The watch is just one piece of jewelry fans remember from the A-list pair. Fans also joked on Twitter about the memorable 6.1-carat pink Harry Winston diamond ring Affleck proposed to her with.

"Do you think he has a box with like... 'JLo things' and is the pink ring in there?" one comment reads.

Lopez, 51, and Affleck, 48, recently reunited after calling off their engagement in 2004. Affleck was spotted visiting Lopez's Los Angeles home on multiple occasions, and the two took a trip to Montana over Mother's Day weekend. On Monday, they were photographed hitting the gym together.


A source previously told ET that Affleck "has always had an affinity for Jennifer" and was the one who initially started pursuing her and "making an effort to reconnect romantically."

"In February things took more of a flirty turn," the source said. "Ben started to pursue Jen and made it clear he wanted more than a friendship. The two have always shared a strong bond and are spending time together to see if there is a spark or it's just two friends finding comfort in one another."

Meanwhile, a source also told ET that "Jen is loving the attention" she's been getting from her ex-fiancé.

"Jen and Ben didn't get along at the end of their relationship years ago," the source said. "But once their hurt feelings subsided, they were friendly for many years. Now that they've fully reconnected, they are having fun together and care about each other a great deal."