Beyoncé Shows Off Natural Tresses and Debunks Hair Myths in New Wash Day Video

The GRAMMY winner takes her fans into her Sunday wash day in a new video posted to social media.

Beyoncé is inviting fans into her wash day routine and squashing longtime rumors about her hair at the same time! On Sunday, the 42-year-old star shared a video of her routine to her Instagram page, giving fans a peek into her ritual for maintaining her natural hair. 

The GRAMMY winner, who recently released her Cécred hair care brand, explained that she wanted to share her routine after watching her fans' videos using her products. "I just had to join in with something I had in the archives 🥰," Beyoncé captioned the Instagram post.

"Being disruptive and challenging everything people feel should be the process has always been exciting to me. My hair and music seemed to do that a lot over the years...," she added. 

As the singer explains in the video, she shares that she's "chosen color over perms and relaxers," and doing so meant creating a routine that prioritizes the health of her color-treated hair. She shared that "maintaining 25 years of blonde on natural hair through all the experimenting I do" played a large part in why and how she developed her brand. 

"It’s the hardest to keep color-treated hair healthy and strong," the brand owner acknowledged in her post. But as she shows in the video, it's well worth the effort. 


In the shared video, Beyoncé is seen getting her hair washed, which shows that her natural curly texture is still intact despite "25 years of blonde on natural hair." She goes on to assist in blow drying and straightening her hair -- while simultaneously getting her eyebrows colored -- before her straightened hair is put in curlers. The singer explains that she prefers to use low heat on her hair, which has helped her maintain her curl pattern and length.

"The stigma and misconception is that people that wear wigs don't have long and healthy hair," Beyoncé laments in the video's voiceover. "That's some bulls**t 'cause it ain't nobody business."

The result of the wash day is a voluminous half-up style with bouncy curls. Beyoncé finishes the look by applying her brand's oil to her hair and getting her curls touched up.

Watch the full video below.

Beyoncé came under fire when her hair care brand was first announced in 2023. Per Glamour, some critics claimed that the singer didn't have enough expertise on natural hair because she's known to wear wigs.

Fans came to her defense, arguing that Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, is a licensed cosmetologist who previously managed a hair salon and most likely passed along her hair care knowledge onto her daughter.

While Beyoncé doesn't directly address those critiques in her video, fans definitely interpreted the clip as a response to those comments.

"People love to assume that wigs and weave are for folks who don't have long healthy hair. 🗣️ GAG THEM ALL BEY 🐝," media personality and singer Jessie Woo wrote in the post's replies.

Journalist and podcast host Sylvia Obell commented, "Like a wise philosopher once said, “Hair long! Money long!”

"Yesss. Keep showing the haters your scalp and edges 🐝👏🐝," Morgan DeBaun, CEO/Founder of @blavityinc & AfroTech, wrote while another fan commented, "This is how you shut them up 😮‍💨."