'Big Brother' 21: Watch Holly Allen Discover Her 'Beth' Nickname After Losing to Jackson Michie (Exclusive)

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Holly Allen, meet Beth. 

Big Brother season 21's runner-up is finally out of the house -- and discovering everything that was said about her behind her back. The most entertaining on that list? The fact that fans ended up calling Allen "Beth," thanks to fellow house guest David Alexander. 

"What did they call me?" she asked ET's Brice Sander after Wednesday's finale, before reacting in horror to her "Beth" nickname. "No! Dang it David! David! Oh my gosh. No! Beth! I'm gonna kill him." 

"He’s such a little sh*t," Allen joked. "That is David in a nutshell. That whole Beth. I’m like... you sassy little ugh!"

Allen got a chance to confront Alexander just moments later. "Well, you know, when I came back in the house, I remembered everybody’s name, including yours. It was just switched at the time," he tried to explain. "There's something about you that I met a Beth 10 years ago that was the most beautiful woman in the world. So when I came in and thought you were so beautiful, you just became Beth." 

"Yeah totally," Allen cracked. "And where am I from?"

"Wyoming," Alexander replied -- because how can you forget Allen's other nickname, "Holly Allen, 24, Wyoming!"

Allen came out of the season with two nicknames and a potential real-life love interest, but without the $500,000 -- though it's staying within her showmance; Jackson Michie won the grand prize. 

"I figured if I was up there against Michie, it would be a tough go. I actually was surprised by Sis -- and Christie and Tommy. I didn’t know where they would land because they are such gamers and I didn’t really show enough of my cards with them on the game that I was playing, because I was so low key. So, I wasn’t sure where they would go. Those were the wild cards for me," she explained of not earning the votes to win. 

Allen said Michie winning is "not" like she won too -- but they are looking forward to treating their romance to an overseas trip.

"Michie and I decided a while ago that we were going to go take a couple trips where we go somewhere tropical and somewhere icy cold... we were daydreaming in the house, so maybe we’ll go to Bora Bora, anything that involves travel for now just so I can clear my mind, recenter and go back to work," she shared. 

"Before anything romantically happened between Michie and I, we established we're gonna be friends forever. We started off as friends. I don’t know where life is gonna take us after here," Allen revealed. "We have been very transparent since the get go. We are going to take everything one day at a time, navigate life outside of these walls, but regardless whether things happen romantically outside of here or not, we will still be friends forever. That we know."

See more on this season of Big Brother in the video below. 


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