'Big Brother All-Stars': Season's Final Three Emerge Following New Eviction -- See Who Joined the Jury!

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And like that, this season of Big Brother-All Stars has narrowed the field down to the Final Three! Thursday's live eviction episode saw Cody Calafiore holding all the power with Christmas Abbott and Nicole Franzel on the block.

So how did we get here? Earlier this week, Enzo Palumbo won the Head of Household competition, and ended up putting Christmas and Nicole up for eviction -- staying true to his final two alliance with Cody.

This meant that there were only a few options for Christmas and Nicole when it came to staying in the game -- trying to win the Power of Veto competition, so one of them could take themselves off the block.

However, Cody puts an end to this hope when he won the challenge, which fans saw on Tuesday's Big Brother.

So, when the live eviction episode picked up, Christmas and Nicole were trying everything they could to win Cody's favor and his vote to make it to the final three. However, the writing was on the wall long before the eviction ever went down -- Cody and Nicole have been connected in the house since essentially the first week, and Christmas would have had to pull a real miracle out of her hat.

To her credit, Christmas tried her best, promising Cody that she'd take him to the final two over Enzo -- something Cody had a hard time believing.

When it finally came time for the moment of truth, both Christmas and Nicole made their final appeals to stay in the game, and Christmas tried to convince Cody that, when it came to the jury to choose the winner next week, she'd be a better person to have by his side.

"I'm going to remind you that the jury will take into consideration if you have a previous winner sitting beside you," she said, referring to Nicole, who is the only player left in the house who's won the game before. "If you choose to keep me here tonight, I will fight with everything I have to take you to final two."

Nicole, meanwhile, played to her bond with Cody, sharing, "I'm so grateful for the friendship we built in this house. I know you have to do what is best in this game for you, and I really, really, really hope that's taking me to final three."

In the end, Cody stayed true to the alliances he's been building for months and he chose to evict Christmas from the Big Brother house -- and into the Jury House.

After giving everyone goodbye hugs, and promising Cody she wasn't mad at him for his decision, Christmas put on her face mask and left the house to join host Julie Chen Moonves for a post-eviction discussion.

According to Christmas, she saw all this coming as soon as she was on the block with Nicole, and said that there was "nothing shocking" about learning about all the alliances that were going on behind the scenes.

However, she said she's still proud of her game, and proud of her time on this season of Big Brother All-Stars.

"Honestly, I have to be flattered that they had to come after me and it took four nominations to get me," Christmas shared. "I gave it a good fight... I'm proud of myself. I made it to the final four... I love this game so darn much, and I'm truly honored to be here in fourth place."

The Big Brother All-Stars' final three will face off and a winner will be decided next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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