'Big Brother': Jack and Sis Reveal What's Next for Their Romance (Exclusive)

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Is this showmance turning into a real-life romance? 

Fans have watched Jack Matthews and Analyse "Sis" Talavera's showmance play out for months on Big Brother and inside the jury house. As they told ET's Brice Sander after Wednesday's season 21 finale, they plan to continue dating in the real world, and seeing how things turn out.

"I'm gonna go with the flow and wait and see how it is," Sis shared. "We haven't really been with each other in kind of a real world situation so I don't know what we're both gonna be like once we get our phones back and we get other people into our lives."

Sis, 22, lives in Simi Valley, California, while Jack, 28, is based in Tampa, Florida. "So It might be tough," Sis said of keeping up their romance. "But I'm just gonna roll with the punches and see what happens."

As for Jack, he's looking forward to see what's next for them.

"She's just a beautiful, spontaneous, fun-loving person. I really have enjoyed my time with her, and I haven't been this happy in a really long time," Jack shared. "It's really unique in my life to see that."

"I can't wait to meet her family, and I can't wait to see what real life is like with her outside of the Big Brother house," he added.

The pair's romance was complicated by Sis' seeming connection with Nick (who is now with Kat, following his showmance with Bella), while controversy was stirred off-screen by fans who accused Jack of making racist comments on the live feed. 

"What we do in the past is really difficult to change… the only thing that I can do is actively be as powerful as I can in being as caring and thoughtful [as] I can possibly be," Jack shared, regarding the claims of his problematic comments. "The person that I was in that household, I don't believe is a reflection of myself, but that is definitely how it looks."

See more on Jack in the video below. 


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