'Big Brother' Season 24 Crowns New Champion -- See Who Won the Grand Prize in the Finale! (Recap)

See how the season finale played out, who took home the $750,000, and who came up short.

*Caution: Spoilers Ahead! 

It's been 82 days of some of the most controversial and divisive gameplay in recent memory, but Big Brother Season 24 has finally crowned a new champion.

Sunday's two-hour finale all came down to the final three houseguests -- who, coincidentally, were also all members of the defunct Leftovers Alliance, which ruled the house for several weeks before falling apart in dramatic fashion during the Split House Twist midway through the season.

The whole season came down to Taylor Hale, Matthew "Turner" Turner, and Monte Taylor.  So who won the title of champion? Scroll down for the big reveal! Otherwise, here's how everything played out during Sunday's jampacked finale!

After last week's eviction of Brittany Hoopes, the pressure was on for the final three, who would have to face off in a series of three Head of Household competitions to see who would be the final HOH, and have full power to decide which houseguest joined them in the final two.

As always, this late in the game, feeling out alliances can be tricky when there are only two people left, and Monte has been playing both sides of the field -- making promises to his close friend Turner and similar promises to Taylor, with whom he's seemingly gotten close to in recent weeks.

Taylor's place in the final three is a miracle in its own right and has had one of the most undeniably incredible comeback stories in the history of the show. Early in the season, everyone (including Monte) seemed to have it out for Taylor, to a level that many viewed as problematic and racially motivated. She was on the block and set to be evicted.

However, she was saved in a roundabout way by Paloma Aguilar, who chose to self-evict for undisclosed reasons, thus saving Taylor for the week. She went on the chopping block a whopping five times in total and always managed to pull herself back from the brink of eviction and had a whole lot of love from fans on Twitter.

By comparison, Monte was only nominated for eviction once during the entire season, and it was as a pawn when his alliance was trying to oust Jasmine Davis. Turner, meanwhile, was only nominated once, and it was during the last eviction ceremony when there were only four people playing and only three possibly nominees to choose from.

On Sunday's finale, we saw how the first two pre-taped HOH competitions played out, beginning with a challenge that saw the final three hanging on to giant hot dogs as they rotated and rocked back and forth.

As hard as she tried, Taylor couldn't hang on quite as long as she would have liked, leaving it down to Turner and Monte hanging onto the big bratwursts. Eventually, Monte slipped up, making Turner the winner and securing his spot in the third HOH challenge.

This meant Taylor and Monte had to go head-to-head in a physical and mental challenge that required them to recall the names of every Head of Household competition and Veto competition, then place them in order on a billboard they had to zipline over to.

While the final results were only a few moments apart, Monte snagged the win -- leaving Taylor's future totally out of her hands.

The third and final competition pitting Turner and Monte against one another in yet another challenge about memory with a game of Two Truths and a Lie, focused on each of the evicted houseguests who made it to jury.

After going point-for-point for the first handful of questions, Monte pulled ahead and then secured the win -- meaning he now had the ultimate and challenging decision of who to bring with him to Final 2, and who he would evict.

Both Turner and Taylor presented their cases to Monte -- with Turner arguing that he had "the worse jury management in a decade" and Taylor saying she knows Monte would win over her in a final two easily.

In what had to be an insanely painful decision, Monte chose to evict Turner and bring Taylor with him to the jury vote.

After leaving with grace and hugs, Turner sat down with host Julie Chen for an exit interview, and said he was "shocked" but wasn't mad about it.

"I love the guy. He's one of the coolest people I ever met," Turner said. "I definitely would have taken him to the end. But the fact he didn't take me, I can't be surprised. I took out Michael. I took out Ameerah. My HOH started the leftovers. All of those were huge things. So I wasn't not expecting it."

When asked about his best takeaways from the experience, Turner said with a smile, "I think all the incredible friendships I made, all the frenemies I now have, of course, and the muffin saga will live on!" (If you don't know about Muffingate and Turner's lowkey feuding with Jasmine, it's worth checking out).

Turner then took his place on the jury, alongside Brittany, Jasmine, Alyssa Snider, Michael Bruner, Terrance Higgins, Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin and Indiana "Indy" Santos.

So, who is the Big Brother Season 24 Champion?

After the jury asked their questions -- with each jury member grilling the contestants on the details of their gameplay -- it was time to vote.  And, by a vote of 8 to 1, the season 24 champion is...

... Taylor Hale!

The victory was exciting and saw Taylor and Monte all smiles as they came out to hug the other houseguests. The triumphant Taylor even embraced her early-season nemesis Daniel Durston, who returned to talk to the jury on finale night.

Taylor going from the person who was supposed to be the first houseguest voted out to the season's champion -- and the show's first Black woman to win -- is an underdog victory for the ages!

To make her victory even sweeter and more historic Taylor was also the winner of the America's Favorite Houseguest vote, making her total prize a cool $800,000!