'Big Brother' Season 25 Ramps Up With Blindsides, Fighting and Shocking Moves in Live Eviction Night (Recap)

See who ended up on the chopping block and who got the axe in the latest episode of 'Big Brother.'

*Caution: Spoilers ahead!

After a rather low-key season thus far, Big Brother is finally heating up with a week filled with lies, getting called out for those lies, lying about other lies, and some staggeringly poor gameplay.

Going into Thursday's live eviction night, Felicia Cannon and Izzy Gleicher found themselves on the chopping block, as their fellow houseguests fought back and forth trying to flip votes and shift the course of the game.

So, which houseguest got sent packing? Scroll down for the big reveal. Otherwise, here's how everything that led up to and played out during Thursday's live show.

After last week's eviction, Cameron Hardin was named Head of Household -- and he decided to really shake things up, regardless of whether or not it was good for his, or anyone's games.

Cam kept his nominations secret but hinted that he was going to put both Jag Bains and Blue Kim on the block -- like he did when he was HOH two weeks ago. Instead, he shocked everyone when he took a big swing at defacto house president Cirie Fields and nominated her two closest allies.

This move really got the gears turning and Cirie and her allies did what they could to keep them from getting kicked out. They all got it in their heads -- and rightfully so -- that Cirie would be Cam's real target, and if they got taken off the block she'd get backdoored.

Izzy was such a loyal friend she even suggested that, if she won the Power of Veto, she wouldn't use it on herself, just to protect Cirie. However, she didn't have to worry about going down in history for doing that as the Veto Comp was won by Jared Fields -- who is, unbeknownst to everyone in the house except Izzy, actually Cirie's son.

Jared chose not to remove either Izzy or Felicia from the block, to insulate his mom. However, Cirie and Felicia were then given the Kayak Companions punishment -- which meant they had to wear helmets and life vests and be tethered to a kayak for 48 hours.

The real downside was Cirie, the mastermind, wasn't able to go around cleaning up Jared's many, many gameplay messes. And Jared really didn't waste any time trying to play hard, fast and loose with the truth or alliances.

After the Veto Comp, it generally looked like the vote was going to land in Izzy's favor and send Felicia packing. 

However, a massive turning point came when Jared got into a heated fight with Cory Wurtenberger, who called Jared out on lying to him, and basically everyone, over and over again. Jared tried to talk over Cory and to generally shut him up, but Cory stood his ground.

However, he still had his sights set on Felicia getting ousted, and possibly working with Izzy in the weeks to come. However, Cory's showmance/ally America Lopez knew this was the time to really start playing this game and wake some people up.

After putting her full effort into waking people up to the powerful might of the Izzy/Cirie twosome, it seemed that America managed to get the ball rolling on a vote flip. Soon, Cory and Jag were in line.

By the time of Thursday's live vote, it seemed the winds of fate were already blowing in Felicia's favor -- and Cirie and Izzy both sort of knew it. But that didn't stop them both from giving it their best shots with their appeals to the house.

"This week has been long and exhausting, and I have survived, by the faith of a mustard seed," Felicia shared. "At some point in this game, every person in here will have to be willing to make a decision and take the lead rather than following everybody else."

"The winner of BB 25 is going to be the person that has the leadership and the courage to do just that," she added. "That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it."

"Izzy was up next, and she appealed to her bravery and devotion to her allies to try and win over the other players.

"Houseguests, from the minute I stepped foot in this house, this has changed my life, and that's because of all of you," Izzy said. "You know that I care about this game deeply. I love everything about it... I have learned that I am a most brave and my most strong when I am fighting for others, and those people are the people that have chosen me no matter the mistakes I've made, because they trust that I will learn and grow so that I can continue to protect them and myself. So if you choose to keep me in this house, I will choose to be brave and strong for you, for the rest of this game, and that is something I'm proud of."

Despite her impassioned plea, the votes fell against Izzy hard, with the only single vote cast to keep her coming from Cirie. Even Jared went against his mom to stay in whatever good graces might still exist for him among the other houseguests.

"14 hours, you know, one conversation can change everything," Izzy said in an exit interview for ET with season 24 winner Taylor Hale, "and I I know my mistakes at the end of the week, and yeah, here I am. I'm devastated about it."

Of Jared, she added, "I think it was clear that Jared and I butted heads a lot throughout the season and in some ways I, you know, I think me and Suri maybe would have done better if he wasn't there, but that's heartbreaking to say, you know, but yeah, I will not blame him, but I recognize that for sure."

Now, the contestants are headed to The Wall, for a classic Big Brother endurance comp to determine who will be Head of Household next week -- which will culminate in an epic double eviction night!

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