'Big Brother': Hisam Says He Blames Himself After Brutal Blindside Eviction (Exclusive)

Hisam spoke to ET after he was axed in the latest episode of 'Big Brother.'

Hisam Goueli says he feels betrayed after a brutal eviction during Thursday's Big Brother episode -- and he's pointing the finger at himself.

Speaking to Big Brother season 24 winner Taylor Hale for ET in the season 25 exit interview, Hisam explains why he doesn't blame anyone else but himself after, despite his best efforts, he was evicted by a unanimous 12-0 vote.

"I feel most betrayed by myself. Right? Because I know better," he said. "And I feel bad about some of the decisions that I made that led me to the position that I was in."

In hindsight, he would have done things differently.

"I should have been kinder, I should have been gentler. I should have been more thoughtful," he explained. "And so the person that I blame for my situation is me. I put myself there and there's no one else to blame, and I take accountability for the things that I said. This is a very valuable, expensive learning experience."

After calling it all a valuable experience, Hisam shared what he learned the most about himself through this experience.

"The most valuable thing I learned about myself, it's like, I'm still working on myself. I'm still getting better. I'm still growing. I'm still evolving. I'm still changing," he said. "I think sometimes one of the reasons I went on the show is because I felt like things had gotten a little stagnant in my life. And I didn't know if I was really making the strides I wanted to both personally and professionally. And so I wanted something that would really disrupt my life. And this did it."

He added, "100 percent I got what I asked for, right?"

The wheels were set in motion even before last week's eviction, when then-Head of Household Hisam began to rub people the wrong way with his seemingly overbearing personality and manipulative tactics. However, Hisam had no idea that people felt that way about him -- or felt that he'd successfully fooled everyone -- and therefore didn't see any sort of scheming coming his way.

After Reilly Smedley was sent packing last week -- all as Hisam orchestrated -- he was feeling pretty confident that his alliance (The Professors) had his back. Unbeknownst to him, some of the alliance's heaviest hitters (including Survivor veteran Cirie Fields, her right-hand ally Izzy Gleicher and Felicia Cannon) had turned their sights on him.

Coming into this week, Felicia became HOH after winning a croquet-inspired comp, and she cooked up a plan involving double pawns -- she nominated Jag Bains and Cameron Hardin (who just got off the chopping block), with the intent of back-dooring Hisam.

Hisam has been wildly successful at the physical challenges this season, so giving him the motivation to win the Power of Veto wouldn't have been a good choice. Instead, she put her faith in either Jag, Cameron or herself willing the POV -- and her faith paid off.

The challenge was themed around some sort of comic book hero/animal-human hybrid concept that involved having to run through a weird slush and get to an egg station, where the contestants had to cluck like a chicken in order to "lay" an egg, which they would then have to take back across the slush. The first person to transport 12 of their eggs was the winner. Simple! (Seriously, this season feels like it's had some particularly bizarre challenges.)

Finally, after a hard-fought battle, Jag wound up earning the POV, and so he obviously took himself off the chopping block. As Hisam began to suggest putting up Matt Klotz, because of his physical prowess, Felicia stuck to her guns.

At the Veto Ceremony, Jag removed himself, as planned, and Felicia sideswiped Hisam with a metaphorical dump truck, putting him up on the block and revealing that it had been part of her machinations the whole time.

Truly, Hisam did not see this coming. In his mind, he was tight with his alliance -- after all, they'd just sided with him during the last eviction.

As Thursday's show kicked off, Hisam was trying his best to figure out why he'd been targeted by his own allies -- and they were candid with him when it came to their reasons (after all, there wasn't anything he could do to get off the block now).

Hisam was surprised to learn how the other houseguests felt he'd steamrolled them, and he pleaded with Felicia, Cirie and Izzy to save him, and promised he'd work tirelessly to protect them and work to bring them to the final six with him. To their credit, it seemed like they considered his argument.

Finally, it came time for Cameron and Hisam to make their final arguments to stay, and Cameron kept his plea short and sweet.

Cameron told Hisam that it's "been a pleasure sharing the block with you," and told the other houseguests, "It's been an incredible week. Just when we thought we couldn't get any closer, we get closer again. I love you all, trust you so much, and respect you. I hope we can continue making memories together."

Meanwhile, Hisam delivered a genuine and contrite speech, sharing, "Being on the block, I've learned a lot of things. I've had a lot of time to reflect on my time here. I have made multiple mistakes and I understand why [I'm on the block]. But I also have found a way of asking for forgiveness which has been very meaningful for me. Right now I'm asking for your vote to stay here. I am asking for you to extend kindness, generosity, and mercy to allow me to stay in this game. If you do, I promise to be loyal to the very end."

Now the field is tighter than ever -- and all remaining contestants are duking it out in a pitch-black Pressure Cooker challenge for the next Head of Household comp! We might even end up getting a non-unanimous eviction in the next few weeks!

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