Billy Crystal Recreates 'When Harry Met Sally' Look 33 Years Later for His 75th Birthday

The beloved 1989 rom-com co-starring Meg Ryan was nominated for an Oscar.

We'll have what he's having! Billy Crystal celebrated his 75th birthday in style.

The iconic actor recreated a shot from his 1989 classic rom-com, When Harry Met Sally, where he crouches down on the floor in white sneakers, jeans, and a white cable-knit sweater. 

On Tuesday, which marked his milestone birthday, Crystal tweeted the side-by-side images, writing, "Thank you all..."

Actor Ben Stiller replied to the tweet, writing, "Lots of love and respect @BillyCrystal.🙌🙌🙌"

And the official Merriam-Webster dictionary account replied to the post, writing, "Icon | noun | a person or thing widely admired especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sweater."

Crystal famously played Harry Burns opposite Meg Ryan's Sally Albright in the Oscar-nominated film.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Back in 2019, Crystal spoke with ET at the 30th anniversary of the beloved classic.

"For those of us who believe in happily ever after, that's where they are and that's where they should be," Crystal said of his and Ryan's fictional counterparts in When Harry Met Sally.


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