Blake Lively Says She Works Out With Her Kids Every Morning: 'I Use Them as Weights'

Blake Lively
Dominik Bindl/WireImage

'Instead of wearing a weight vest I got to wear my children.'

Blake Lively had a special way to fit workouts into her busy schedule!

In a video for Vanity Fair, the 32-year-old actress recounted the daily schedule she kept while making her latest flick, The Rhythm Section. During that eight-month period, Lively began her day at 5 a.m. with the help of her daughters, Inez, 3, and James, 5. Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds welcomed a third daughter after filming for The Rhythm Section wrapped.

"I woke up at 5 a.m., but mostly because I was doing momma duty with my girls," she said. "Have breakfast with them, hang out with them, work out with them. 'Cause I didn't want to to wake up any earlier. I'm not Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. I had to just get some sleep."

"So I would actually wake up and work out with my girls," Lively continued. "So I would sort of use them as weights. Instead of wearing a weight vest, I got to wear my children."

After a long day on set, Lively would get home around 9 p.m. and put her kids to bed.

"They don't ever go to sleep, honestly. We gotta invent something," she quipped. "My kids had, like, a pack-and-play, almost like a crib, and I would crawl in there and sing them to sleep."

"Usually I'd fall asleep in there. Almost every single night I'd fall asleep in there," she added. "And then my husband would usually come in and be like, 'Hey, you're safe now. You can come to bed.'"

In between time with her kids, Lively was working hard on the set of the action movie, which featured lots of stunts and fight choreography.

"Fight choreography was really exciting for me, because who doesn't want to have the ability to kick someone's a** if you need to? If you need to!" she joked. "There is a fight that's one shot, which is especially tricky because you have to get the choreography exactly right and go hard enough where you're actually hurting each other a little, but not too much."

During one such scene with her co-star Jude Law, Lively hurt her hand. After that injury, the makeup team had to work to keep the mark consistent throughout the rest of filming.

"I got a really bad hand injury on the set, so we actually had to sustain the injury for the whole production," she explained. "They would have to paint on bruises and blood every day, which is a really surreal experience."

ET spoke to Lively about sustaining the injury last month, and she admitted that it was not her "favorite day on set."

"I'm not sure if it's the take that's in the movie, because I did shoot 'till the end. I'm the person who doesn't ask for directions and I have a real ego about all that stuff. I was like, 'It's fine, my hand's fine!'" she told ET. "After a few days, when my hand just looked like Jell-O, I thought, 'You know, it's time to go to the hospital.'"

 Watch the video below for more on Lively.