Blake Lively Transforms into a Spy Bent on Revenge in Explosive 'Rhythm Section' Trailer

The actress is unrecognizable in her upcoming role!

You might not even recognize Blake Lively in her new gritty role.

On Thursday, Paramount Pictures dropped the first trailer for The Rhythm Section, an upcoming spy thriller showcasing the leading lady's immersive abilities when it comes to taking on hard-hitting material.

In one scene, the 32-year-old actress sports medium-length, dirty blonde hair and a tank top; in another she's wearing a white blouse and short black locks. In yet another scene, she's rocking skimpy lingerie and a long, redheaded wig with baby bangs. Clearly this character is a master of disguise -- with a tragic backstory.

In the film, Lively plays Stephanie Patrick, a woman who lost her family in a plane crash -- which the trailer hints wasn't an accident. It was a flight she was also supposed to be on. The loss sets Stephanie on a path of vengeance, seeking those responsible by taking on the persona of an assassin.

The new clip includes no shortage of action, either. Stephanie is shown fighting henchmen on a bus, getting shot at as she speeds away in a car and escaping a massive explosion.

All this action appears to have come at a cost for the actress. While filming in Dublin, Ireland, in 2017, Lively sustained an injury while working on an action sequence. Production on the film was temporarily halted.

Paramount Pictures

The film also stars Sterling K. Brown and Jude Law.

The Rhythm Section arrives in theaters on Jan. 31, 2020.

Check out the first trailer above.