Bode Miller and Wife Morgan Expecting Twins One Year After Daughter Emmy's Death

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Congrats are in order for Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan Beck Miller!

During a guest appearance on Monday's Today show, the lovebirds announced they are expecting identical twin boys. The reveal comes just over a year after their daughter, Emeline "Emmy" Greer Miller, tragically died from a drowning accident at 19 months old.

"Bode, from the beginning of our relationship, has always said I want identical twin boys born on my birthday," Morgan mused. "And this time when we found out I was pregnant I said, 'Do you think it's twins this time?' And he said, 'No.' So I went to the ultrasound by myself and sure enough, identical twin boys."

"Somehow I always knew that I was going to have identical twin boys," added Bode. "Obviously after losing Emmy, I think we both sort of were thinking it was going to be girls or sort of hoping it was going to be girls. I found out and my mid-wife was like, 'No, they're boys. You have to tell Morgan.' I was like, 'No, you're telling Morgan. No chance I am telling her!'"

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Losing a child while pregnant was the most confusing experience of my life. The conflict of emotions from what was pure joy turned to guilt and terror overnight. How could I love this baby the way I loved Emmy? Was it okay to love this baby the way I loved Emmy? It felt like by loving my son, I was trying to replace her. The fear of birthing my son and what that meant .....a monumental step forward....proof that time continued without her when all I wanted was for time to stop. But let me say this....I couldn’t have been more wrong. Easton provided us an even closer bond to his sister. The moment I heard his cry, something sparked back alive in my soul. Hope. Love. I’m not sure. But in that moment, I knew I was Mom and my kids deserved the world from me. Everything was going to be okay. My joy and grief could coexist. Now, I can actually say with joy and excitement that we are expecting identical twin boys. From the day I met my husband, he has always said he wanted identical twin boys born on his birthday. We are due on the lucky day/angel number of 11/11 which is not far off from @millerbode Birthday of 10/12. From the beginning of this pregnancy, we knew Emmy had her hands in this miracle somehow.

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Remembering Emmy, Morgan said "she was such a bright light" in their lives.

"And she was determined," Morgan continued, before sharing how she and Bode are finding ways to move forward from heartbreak. "Every time I have a child my heart just gets bigger. It adds that much more love."

Bode and Miller are also parents to son Nash, 4, and Easton, 10 months. Bode has two other children, Samuel, 6, and Neesyn "Nate," 11, from previous relationships.

Back in June, Morgan -- who is now an advocate for water safety -- shared a series of heartbreaking posts to her Instagram page to sadly mark the one-year anniversary of her daughter's death. Her first video showed little Emeline happily playing in the park just two days before she died. In the photos, the toddler was wearing a dress with blue-and-white patterns and stripes. "The last thing I have that she wore," wrote Morgan. "Stains and all."

Bode and Morgan also emotionally recalled the day they lost Emmy in a sit-down interview for Today last July, revealing that a trip to the neighbor's house is where devastation struck.

"We sat on the sofa and she played in front of us. I had my cup of tea and the boys were right next to us in the downstairs guest bedroom playing on the iPad, playing with toys. Emmy would go back and forth, which was all of 15 feet," Morgan tearfully remembered. "All of a sudden it was just too quiet for me. We were mid-conversation and I stood up and turned and I walked to right where the boys were and I said, 'Where's Emmy?' And before Nate could respond I turned around and the door that leads to the backyard that was closed had this tiny sliver of light coming through the side and my heart sank. And I opened the door and she was floating in the pool. I ran and I jumped in." 

Hear more in the video below.


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