Brad Pitt Is 'Blissfully Naive' After Everyone Freaked Out Over His Jennifer Aniston Reunion (Exclusive)

ET was with the 56-year-old at the 35th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Wednesday.

Brad Pitt pays no attention to what people are saying about his and Jennifer Aniston's reunion.

Fans and even celebrities went crazy over the former couple's run-in at the 2020 SAG Awards over the weekend. Pitt and Aniston were photographed together for the first time in over a decade, and appeared to be in great spirits as they hugged and greeted one another. So how did Pitt feel about the media and fan frenzy over their reunion?

"I don't know. I'm blissfully naïve and I'm gonna stay that way," the 56-year-old actor told ET's Keltie Knight at the 35th Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Wednesday, adding that he hadn't read the headlines.

Held at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, California, during the event, Pitt was honored with the Maltin Modern Master Award for his long-standing contributions to film. When asked what the honor meant to him, he jokingly replied, "One, it means I'm old," before adding, "Two, it's nice for me."

"I've been spending a lot of time here since 1999, so it feels homey for me," he explained. "My kids spend a lot of time out here, friends a lot of time out here. So, that feels nice. I don't know, I haven't done one of these things before so we'll see what happens."

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for SBIFF

Meanwhile, a source told ET that Pitt and Aniston have been cordial with each other after their 2005 split, and even joked about the run-in.

"Brad and Jen started talking after their relationships ended. They have seen each other but only occasionally and casually," the source said. "Jen frequently gets photographed, so she was conscious of avoiding Brad because, while she has always adored him, she never wanted to start any rumors."

"She didn't realize how huge of a reaction the public would have to them," the source added. "They both have laughed a bit about it."

While some fans of the former couple are hoping for them to get back together again, a second source told ET that this has been "nothing more than fun run-ins."

"Brad and Jen look sincerely happy. They definitely worked on their friendship as their encounters are very genuine," the source added. "Brad adores her and is really enjoying his moment in the sun."

Additionally, a separate source added that the actor made amends with his ex-wife, explaining that they have definitely moved on from their complex past and that Pitt, in particular, has "apologized" for some of the past issues in their relationship.

"Brad is completely sober now and is in such a different place than he was when they were together," the source shared. "Brad is truly an introspective guy who has worked hard on himself. He has apologized to her for many things he felt were his issues in their relationship. He truly takes ownership for his mistakes and that has changed their relationship with each other today. They both have moved on."

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