Britney Spears Gets Boo’d During Final 'Piece of Me’ Tour Show

Britney Spears
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The pop star mixed up to large English cities.

Britney Spears didn't impress the Brits!

The pop princess celebrated her final show on her Piece of Me tour on Monday night, but she made a faux pas when addressing the audience.

After one of her songs, Spears turned to the crowd and shouted, “How you feeling, Birmingham?” The only problem was she was in Blackpool, England, a city more than 100 miles north of Birmingham. 

The 36-year-old singer, quickly corrected her error, saying, “I mean… Black… pool.”

The crowd both cheered and boo’d the mistake, but Spears kept going, saying, “I’m going to get emotional with you guys. This is my last show of Piece of Me.” 

Despite her recent flub, Spears seems to be embracing British culture. During her London, England, concert last month, the pop star pulled out a British accent while addressing the screaming crowd. 

It’s a year of landmark moments for Spears, who is celebrating 20 years of “…Baby One More Time” in October. 

In July she told ET’s Nancy O'Dell, “It’s been so fast. I feel like I just started yesterday. It’s like everything still feels very new, which I guess is a blessing.” 

Here's more of ET's exclusive interview with Spears: