Britney Spears Is Asked to Come on ‘DWTS’ After Pal Tinashe Sees Her Salsa Skills (Exclusive)

Britney Spears and Tinashe

Tinashe is one of this season’s frontrunners on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Ya betta work, Brit!

Right as her friend and collaborator, Tinashe, was taking the Dancing With the Stars stage on Tuesday night, Britney Spears was taking to Instagram to show off her salsa moves. 

“Always so much fun dancing with my good friend @williegomez!!” the pop princess captioned a clip of herself dancing in a sports bra and heels. "He’s a total gentleman and made me feel like such a lady doing the salsa in heels for the first time today! I adore him to the max!!!!” 

While Brit was doing a salsa, Tinashe was doing a Cha Cha to Spears’ hit song, “Circus.” One of this season’s frontrunners, the 25-year-old singer spoke with ET after she successfully avoided elimination on Tuesday night. We showed Tinashe her pal’s new salsa video, and naturally she was a big fan. 

"I love it! I wish she would salsa with us,” she begged her friend. "Come salsa with us, Britney!” 

If Britney did hit the ballroom, it wouldn’t be the first time the two ladies would be dancing together. In 2016, Tinashe collaborated with Spears on the bop pop tune “Slumber Party,” and even joined the 36-year-old singer at her Las Vegas residency to perform the song. 

"It still feels like a dream. She’s just such an icon and being around her, working with her, being on stage with her, all very surreal,” Tinashe admitted. "I don’t process the thoughts very well of when I was there because I was just like caught up in being a fangirl. She’s so awesome."

According to Tinashe, when it comes to Spears, What U See (Is What U Get). 

"She is truly exactly the person that she appears to be. Britney is the quintessential Britney Spears, there’s no faking,” she said in praise of the pop star. "She doesn’t turn it on or off. She is the icon Britney all the time and it’s sick.”

For more from DWTS, watch the clip below: