'Dancing With the Stars' Las Vegas Night Ends With Emotional Elimination -- See Who Got Sent Home Empty-Handed


It's "Las Vegas Night" on Dancing With the Stars!

Following Monday's fabulous show inspired by New York City, the ballroom has been transformed into a Sin City-themed set as week two continues Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

ET is live blogging all of the best ballroom moments as the 12 remaining contestants and their pro partners take the stage to dance again, this time to some of Vegas' most iconic songs. The night will also feature performances by the Blue Man Group, Boyz II Men and season nine champion Donny Osmond.

Hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews will then announce the second couple that will be going home at the end of Tuesday's show. Follow along with us as we recap every dance, every surprise appearance and every memorable moment on our journey to this week's elimination.

And the Star Going Home Is....

7:00 PM:

They two couples in jeopardy were Danelle and Artem, along with John and Emma.

Sadly, it was Danelle who ended up getting cut, leaving all her fellow contestants near tears.

"Thank you for everything, it's been amazing," Danelle told Artem after the elimination, clearly trying hold back her disappointment.

As the show came to an end, all the cast members came in for a group hug. It was a sweet end to Danelle's inspirational DWTS journey.

It's also important to note that, before announcing the elimination, Tom revealed that a technically difficulty meant none of the phone-in votes last night were collected. Meaning the only viewer votes taken into account were those made online.

While this may seem insignificant, there is an argument to be made that the viewers who vote by phone may be largely of a different demo than those who vote on line.

Is it possible that the phone-in votes could have tipped the scales and saved Danelle? We'll never know, but the question will linger throughout the season.

Mary Lou and Sasha Battle Through the Pain

6:57 PM:

Mary Lou is an Olympian, which means she's suffered a lot of injuries and "has a lot of hardware" in her body, as she explained during the pre-taped package.

So learning, rehearsing and performing four dances in two weeks has taken a toll on her. However, that didn't stop her and Sasha from giving their all when they hit the stage for their samba, set to Barry Manilow's "Copacabana (At the Copa)."

Rocking matching sunflower yellow ensembles, Mary Lou and Sasha had so much fun on the dance floor and the 50-year-old athlete's constant smile and endless enthusiasm is just soul-warming.

They got a lot of love and praise from the judges (even Len!) and the pair earned a respectable score of 24 out of 30 and a two-night score of 46 out of 60.

Tinashe and Brandon Take a Trip to the 'Circus'

6:49 PM:

Purple is definitely Tinashe's color, and the singer looked absolutely astounding when she and her first-time pro partner hit the stage for their Cha Cha set to "Circus" by Britney Spears.

In the pre-taped package, Tinashe mentioned how she's actually performed with Britney herself in her Vegas residency, and she didn't let the pop icon down with her dance tribute.

Len called it a "knockout performance," but warned her about her dances having a similar quality between them, and dared them to shock him next time they hit the floor. If Tinashe and Brandon make it past tonight, we can't wait to see what they bring.

The pair earned an impressive score of 26 out of 30 for a two-night total of 52 out of 60 -- placing them in a three-way tie for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Nancy and Val Set Off on the High Seas

6:38 PM:

Val and Nancy turned to the Las Vegas show  for inspiration for their paso doble -- set to "Storm from " by Cirque du Soleil -- and the pirate ship vibe gave Nancy an aggressive energy she hasn't shown thus far.

With fake rain and faux thunder pounding down, the dance started with Nancy tied to a ship's mast until she's saved by a shirtless Val and they delivered an intense, powerful routine that got a lot of love from Carrie Anne.

However, they didn't improve too much when it comes to their scores. They earned a 20 out of 30 for a two-night total of 41 out of 60, meaning they scored a little lower than yesterday.

She's giving it all she's got each week, and hopefully she manages to stay around a while longer.

Bobby and Sharna Bring Vegas Magic to the Stage

6:30 PM:

When Bobby and Sharna came out for their quickstep set to "That Old Black Magic" by Sammy Davis Jr., they made sure to stay true to the theme by pulling off an honest-to-goodness magic trick, making the act a two-for for the audience.

After cutting a beautiful volunteer in half, the pair cut a rug for one of Bobby's most fun performances. Maybe the best part came at the end when he managed to actually finish the dance instead of just going off script and acting like a lunatic.

The judges' main advice for Bobby was to just tone down his energy levels -- which is a good tip for both his dancing and his health, probably -- and awarded them a 19 out of 30 for a two-night total of 39 out of 60.

Bobby clearly looked disappointed by the results, but an endlessly enthusiastic Sharna did her best to keep his spirits up.

A Weird 'DWTS' BBQ?

6:23 PM:

After Evanna and Keo danced and Tom was about to throw to commercial, it was revealed that Emma, Alan and Gleb were having a weird steaming BBQ on the dance floor.

The moment made no sense, but it doesn't matter because all of it was overshadowed by Emma doing a spin that ended with her doing a split, and it might have been the single best dance moment of the night!

Evanna and Keo Head Out to the Desert

6:21 PM:

Turning their attention to the desert landscape surrounding Sin City, Evanna and Keo brought a dusty, semi-Western quality to the DWTS stage with leather, fringe and Evanna's shimmering, tan ensemble.

The pair danced an energetic jive set to "Heat Wave" by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, and they left it all out on the dance floor.

The judges appreciated the sass and style Evanna showed as she continues to come out of her shell, and the pair earned a total of 24 out of 30, for a total two-night score of 48 out of 60, and they couldn't be more excited.

The Blue Man Group Works on the Plumbing

6:15 PM:

Again, we come back from commercial with a special treat delivered by the Blue Man Group. The bizarre, body-painted performance artists pulled off a fun number with some PVC pipes and music and strangeness, and it was great. It makes sense that they've been Vegas mainstays for decades.

Joe and Jenna Jazz Things Up

6:13 PM:

While the Bachelor Nation favorite might not be the show's best dancer (or, really, even a good dancer of any kind), it's hard not to be won over by his enthusiasm and personality.

For Vegas night, Joe and Jenna did a romantic jazz routine set to "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers, and weirdly, it played to his strengths in a big way.

It allowed him to flash his smile and didn't require too much fancy footwork. Although dances like that won't ever score big with the judges.

Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann's best feedback is that he seems like he's trying and that he's pleasant. Which makes him a great reality dating show contestant, but maybe not the best Mirrorball competitor. (Although, to be fair, Carrie Ann said she saw a lot of improvement, so that's nice.)

For their efforts, the couple earned 18 out of 30, making their two-night total 35 out of 60 -- the lowest of all the couples.

Also, Erin called them the "fake" scores by accident, which was hilariously confusing. But no worries, the scores really were that low.

DeMarcus and Linday Sparkle for Boyz II Men

6:03 PM:

DeMarcus and Lindsay came out oozing charm and style with sparkling ensembles and the dulcet tones of Boyz II Men performing "Ladies Man" live for their quickstep.

While the dance was met with resounding applause, the judges didn't seem to like it quite as much. A grumpy Len and nitpicky Carrie Ann brought the energy way down.

However, they still earned a respectable 23 out of 30, for a two-night total of 47 out of 60. However, DeMarcus' smile alone should earn them some bonus points.

'DWTS: Juniors' Has Our Attention

5:57 PM:

DWTS has been pushing their pint-sized spinoff series hard this season, but you won't hear any complaints.

Jordan Fisher and Frankie Muniz returned to the DWTS stage for a dance number with some of the show's young pros, and it was just pure charm and fun.

The show kicks off Oct. 7 -- here's hoping it lives up to the hype they're building up.

John and Emma Channel Their Inner Elvis

5:51 PM:

Aside from being a beloved Dukes of Hazzard star, John also apparently has the highest charting Elvis Presley cover of all time.

So when he and Emma hit the stage dressed as Elvis impersonators for a jive set to The King's "King Creole," he brought the charm and magnetism of Elvis himself for the fun routine.

Aside from Emma making for one of the most beautiful Elvis impersonators ever, John was clearly having a good time, and he did his best to own the dance.

The feedback from the judges had a lot of broad praise -- aside from a very hyper Carrie Ann criticizing his arm posture -- which resulted in a score of 20 out of 30, for a two-night score of 43 out of 60.

That being said, John and Emma seem to be having a much better time together than most of the other couples this season, and I hope they don't get sent home soon.

Alexis and Alan Get Sexy on the Dance Floor

5:39 PM:

Alexis and Alan seemed to be having some frustrations in rehearsals (with Alexis even walking out at one point). However, Alexis' nerves weren't apparent at all when she hit the dance floor.

The couple -- who are, thus far, the closest thing to a showmance this season -- delivered a sexy salsa set to "Booty" by Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy Azalea, and it was easily their most risque performance.

Following the routine, the judges praised Alexis and Alan for being "bendy" and "bootylicious," and also complimented their dance as well.

From the way they were picking apart the technical aspects, it's clear the judges respect Alexis as a true dancer, but it also means they're going to be paying closer attention in future weeks.

However, for their Vegas night dance the pair earned a 24 out of 30, making a two-night total of 49 out of 60.

Donny Osmond Serenades Danelle

5:31 PM:

Danelle shined once again with a quickstep set to "Luck Be a Lady," which was performed live by Donny Osmond.

After Danelle and Artem danced with Donny singing from the back of the stage for the first half, the former DWTS competitor hit the stage to lock arms with Danelle for a beautiful moment.

Being the first blind contestant in DWTS history has been a real challenge for Danelle and Artem, the pair have made a real connection and overcome the inherent obstacles in a really beautiful way.

Also, Danelle's explaination of how she makes eye contact with people (she looks "above their voice" because people "usually have eyes above their voice") was just so perfect.

The pair earned a 19 out of 30, marking their highest score of the season. Their two-night total is 37 out of 60.

More Blue Man Group!

5:25 PM:

The three bald blue lunatics helped welcome DWTS back from a commercial with their famed paint-splattered drumming routine, and it was every bit as cool as we could have hoped, even if it was really brief. 

Milo and Witney Get a Special Shout Out

5:19 PM:

Before Milo and Witney took to the DWTS stage to perform a tango to "Ashes" by Celine Dion, the couple got a special pre-taped message from the Canadian songstress herself, and that must have felt special.

The pair rocked matching fire engine red ensembles for their fiery tango, and Milo managed to use the dance to show his impressive range, which Carrie Ann praised specifically.

One of the sweetest moments came when the cameras cut to Milo's mom, actress Camryn Manheim, beaming brightly and smiling at him from the audience.

All the judges had a ton of praise (except for Len's technical nitpicking), and the pair earned another impressive 26 out of 30, for a two-night total of 52 out of 60.

Juan Pablo Cashes in on His Abs

5:09 PM:

Juan Pablo is definitely one of the season's biggest heartthrobs, and the actor certainly knows it, and is playing to his strengths (i.e. his abs and face and general style).

Juan Pablo and Cheryl also have a steamy chemistry that just simmered on high during tonight's foxtrot, set to the jazzy classic "Why Don't You Do Right?" by Peggy Lee.

The dance ended with them lying on top of one another on a leather couch, and Juan Pablo had the undeniable charm of a classic Hollywood movie star, while Cheryl brought a femme fatale charisma that just oozed retro Las Vegas vibes.

Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann all loved the routine, with Len predicting that Juan Pablo will surely be returning to dance again next week, while Carrie Ann couldn't help but call the sultry performance "Yummy, yummy, yummy!"

For their impressive efforts, the pair earned a score of 26 out of 30 (with a two-night total of 52 out of 60) setting the bar phenomenally high.

The DWTS Pros Go Blue for Opening Number

5:01 PM:

In celebration of Las Vegas Night, DWTS reached out to the most iconic Vegas stalwarts, the Blue Man Group, to perform during the opening number while the show's cadre of pros kicked off the big night.

It was big, bombastic, funny, and every bit as big as you'd hope for to start a Vegas-themed dancing extravaganza. Kicking off with a giant slot machine and the pros dancing on some giant red dice, the number just got crazier and more fun from there.  (Minus the weird CGI dice.)

We're supposed to gonna get more Blue Man Group later in the evening, and I can't wait.

Looking Back at 'New York City Night'

4:58 PM:

Before we kick off on tonight's thematic tribute to Sin City, let's look back at Monday night's leaderboard, to see which stars are leading the pack and which stars need to make up ground this evening.

Tinashe & Brandon -- 26
Milo & Witney -- 26
Juan Pablo and Cheryl -- 26

Alexis & Alan -- 25
DeMarcus & Lindsay -- 24
Evanna & Keo -- 24
John & Emma -- 23
May Lou & Sasha -- 22
Nancy & Val -- 21
Bobby & Sharna -- 20
Danelle & Artem -- 18
Joe & Jenna -- 17


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