Britney Spears Shares Lupita Nyong'o Quote on Public and Private Life

Britney Spears with Lupita Nyong'o (inset)
John Sciulli, John Parra/Getty Images

Britney Spears is turning to the great Lupita Nyong'o for her valuable lessons on keeping her personal life to herself.

The singer took to Instagram on Tuesday where she shared a message from the Us actress from her Net-a-Porterprofile interview published last August.

"I think there’s a separation between the public and the private," Nyong's quote read. "In the arena where I’m being desired, I’m absent."

Spears captioned the post, "Have a nice day friends!!"

Looking to Nyong's full quote adds even more pertinent context that actually aligns with the message it seems Spears wishes to communicate.

When asked how it felt to be "intensely loved and desired by so many people all over the world," the 36-year-old Oscar winner said, "You’d be surprised. I think there’s a separation between the public and the private. In the arena where I’m being desired, I’m absent. Most of the time, I’m actually not there… The only thing that matters is the private – seeing someone eye-to-eye. Desire from afar is just news."

Spears followed up the insightful quote about the importance of separating real life from idolization with an even more enigmatic post featuring a close-up photo of a lion's face which she captioned simply, "What’s behind these eyes??!"

Following her stint in a health facility earlier this year -- as well as the pressure of intense public scrutiny and multiple legal dramas over her conservatorship -- it appears the singer is valuing keeping her personal life more private these days.

For all the latest news on the pop icon, check out the video below.


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