Britney Spears Walks Down the Aisle Alone: Inside Her Intimate Wedding Ceremony (Exclusive)

Rev. Clint Hufft tells ET all about officiating the 40-year-old singer's wedding day.

Britney Spears' wedding officiant is sharing all the details about the singer's big day! ET spoke with Rev. Clint Hufft, who officiated the recent nuptials between Spears and her groom, Sam Asghari, and he revealed that the bride, whose parents and sister were not invited to the ceremony, according to a source, walked down the aisle solo.

"She arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and came in," Hufft told ET. "... She walked in by herself [to Elvis Presley's song] 'Can't Help Falling in Love.'"

After Spears made her way down the aisle in a custom Atelier Versace gown, the ceremony got underway.

"They got settled in front of me. I always take a moment to kind of let them catch their breath and focus in on each other, and then the ceremony lasts about 10 minutes," Hufft explained.

During the ceremony, the couple, Hufft said, opted "to go relatively traditional" for their vows.

"It was repeat after me, and they were just completely locked in on each other. It was amazing," he said. "... Boy, I tell you, they were just so rock solid during the entire ceremony with each other. It was very impressive."

"Everything about this was the real deal. They really were just delighted with each other. You could feel during the ceremony it got deeper as they said their vows to each other and put the rings on each other," Hufft added. "Everything just seemed to have this wonderful depth to it... almost like they were going through a transition from what they were before into what they became through the ceremony. That vibe kind of permeated the entire room. All of the guests were just mesmerized."

While the couple, who opted not to have a wedding party, didn't seem nervous during the nuptials, Spears did get emotional at one point.

Kevin Ostajewski/Shutterstock
Kevin Ostajewski/Shutterstock

"There was a beautiful moment where Britney got a little teary-eyed and Sam took care of her with a tissue," Hufft said. "... Sam and Britney held hands during the entire ceremony and it seems as though that kind of grounded them in the moment, that they had each other almost as a security blanket. It was fantastic."

As for the venue, a tent placed at Spears' California home, Hufft said everything "looked like a fairy tale."

"Everything was just so beautiful... [They] set up pews like you were in a church, but yet there were chandeliers. The arch, the florals were amazing. It smelled great," he said. "... It really felt like everybody entered a unique world that only existed at that unique time, in that moment."

"It was amazing all the way from beginning to end. All of the audio, visuals were top notch. Everybody could hear really well. Everybody felt great because the whole thing was air conditioned," Hufft added. "It was just a fairy-tale environment from A to Z."

Overall, Hufft shared, "everything was top notch."

"If anybody was going to imagine what would be the dream wedding, this would be it," he said. "It was stunning."