Brittany Snow Addresses Tyler Stanaland Divorce and Cheating Allegations

The actress finalized her divorce from her ex in July 2023.

Brittany Snow is opening up about her divorce. The 38-year-old actress appeared on the latest episode of Call Her Daddy, and spoke candidly about her split from Tyler Stanaland after rumors of infidelity swirled following his time on Selling the OC.

On the Netflix series, Stanaland made headlines for his flirty behavior with co-stars Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona, which started to look different after he and Snow separated, and she eventually filed for divorce. Their divorce was finalized in July 2023.

"They took up a lot of energy and emotion and time and real estate in my head. I don't want to give them any more time and energy, because then they would win and they would get what they wanted, which was getting my time and energy and attention," Snow said of the Selling the OC cast. "I was not aware of a lot of things."

"I will say, what people think happened, happened," she continued. "I think that there's also in my experience with this and how I processed it, there's a lot of grace that I give myself... There's a part of this that I don't have a part in. They messed up. But I tried very hard to see it all from every side and release that anger, because it doesn't serve me."

She further noted, "Yes, what happened, happened. What it's alluded to in the press is true."

Before Snow sat down to watch the show with her dog, she "didn't see any" signs of trouble, which she called "the saddest part of the whole thing."

"I did not know what was going on... I think I was just completely shocked that I didn't have a handle on reality in that way," she said. "... I was like, 'What?!' To trust yourself after that and be like, 'I have a good sense of character.' I had instincts and I think, because I was in love, I didn't trust them."

As for why she hasn't spoken out in depth before, Snow explained, "I was not going to play that game. I don't have the anger that I think people wanted me to have... I just didn't even want to go there."

Even with everything that has gone on, Snow said that she doesn't "regret anything that happened because I loved that time that we had when we had it."

"There was love there. There was a marriage there. There was so much love," she said. "I think that that gray is hard to understand, because it's much more salacious and interesting when it's like, 'He did this. She did this.'"

In fact, she said she's "grateful" for the situation in a way, because "it was a neon f**king sign" to get out of the relationship. "I didn't ever have to worry if [I made the right choice]," she explained.

When it comes to what she'd tell people going through a similar situation, Snow said, "It does hurt, but it comes and goes." She also advised that people "actually start realizing and seeing [their ex] as real people and not this idealized version of what you thought or what you built."

Her romantic life today is largely on hold, as Snow explained, "I've been actively trying to be alone and be with myself and just feel the feelings and not have to Band-Aid it... I've been in and out of things a little bit, but nothing concretely."

Watch the video below for more on Selling the OC.