'Selling the OC's Tyler Stanaland Defends Relationship With Alex Hall Amid Brittany Snow Divorce (Exclusive)

The reality star is defending his relationship to his co-star amid his public divorce from actress Brittany Snow.

Brittany Snow's ex, Tyler Stanaland, is defending his relationship with his Selling the OC co-star, Alex Hall. In ET's exclusive sneak peek from season 2 of the series, Tyler and co-star Brandi Marshall are engaging in a candid conversation about the ongoing rumors surrounding Tyler's relationship with Hall.

The video sheds light on the speculation surrounding the realtor and reality star's personal life amid his highly publicized divorce from the actress.

"I heard that you had some strong opinions on me and where my life is right now," Tyler confronts Brandi.

Brandi responds by acknowledging the discussions within the cast and their wider social circle regarding Tyler's association with Alex. She references co-star Polly Brindle's stance on the matter, claiming that Polly was open to the idea of Tyler and Alex being in a relationship. However, Brandi expresses her disagreement with that viewpoint.

"Polly was basically saying if you and Alex were in a relationship she would be fine with it, and I said I disagree," Brandi states firmly. "I don't think that's right because you're going through a public divorce. Alex should not be anywhere attached to it. Your friendship can sometimes look too friendly."

Tyler, evidently defensive, responds by asserting that Brandi may not have a complete understanding of his current life circumstances. He challenges her perception, saying, "But you don't know where I'm at in my life. You don't know my timeline. You don't know my relational timeline."

The conversation then takes a turn towards the impact of the rumors on their professional lives, with Brandi expressing concerns about the reputation of their real estate brokerage.

"People are thinking we're messy as a brokerage, like that's the thing you guys don't understand. Everybody in the OC is talking about it," Brandi claims, referencing a seller who had confronted her on the phone about the ongoing drama.

She proceeds to offer advice to Alex about staying away from someone going through a divorce. Alex herself then joins the conversation, addressing the continuous discussion of her name.

"There's a lot of speculation, but there is nothing going on here, and if there were, you guys would all know about it. We're around you guys a lot," Tyler defends himself and Alex against the rumors.

Brandi, seemingly attempting to diffuse the tension, clarifies her intentions, stating, "I'm not here to judge you guys."

Alex, however, challenges Brandi's assertion, saying, "That seems like exactly what you're doing."

In January, Brittany filed for divorce from Tyler, four months after they announced their separation. Their split came after Tyler was in the middle of drama on Netflix's Selling the OC's debut season.

One of Tyler's co-stars, Kayla Cardona, tried to kiss him during a night out when he and Brittany were still together. Afterward, on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Tyler said the near kiss caused him to "set some hard lines and some boundaries and reconsider the social environment a bit."

In the same interview, Tyler denied that there was anything romantic going on with Alex, despite her sitting on his lap and giving him her version of a wet willy.

"We're all really tight friends," he said. "There's a respect; no lines will ever be crossed. Most of us are married or dating somebody, so there is kind of a set boundary there."

"It's just a funny thing to do, and we're a very tactile, touchy-feely group. It's nothing sexual," Alex concurred in an interview with ET, adding that she has "no interest in Tyler whatsoever."

Relationship rumors between Tyler and Alex reignited after his and Brittany's split, when the duo was spotted getting touch-feely while out to dinner. At the time, though, a source told ET that "although Tyler and Alex spend time together and are very flirty, they aren’t a couple."

"Tyler is going through a breakup and isn’t focused on dating right now," the source said. "Alex has been a good friend to Tyler. He's been upset with everything that's happened with his marriage and he’s leaning on friends like Alex to help him during this time."

Selling the OC season 2 premieres Sept. 8 on Netflix.