Brody Jenner Talks New Song 'It's Alive' and How Music Gets Him Through the Drama (Exclusive)

Brody Jenner AHZ Band

Brody Jenner and Adam O'Rourke have been having a blast getting in the studio and making music that feeds their soul. 

Earlier this year, the lifelong best friends, along with bandmates Savi and Loren, teamed up to form EDM band AHZ -- and are now sharing their new single, "It's Alive," with the world. 

Jenner has been creating music "for as long as I can remember." "I was around my stepdad, [producer and musician] David Foster, [and] musicians pretty much my whole life," the Hills: New Beginnings star tells ET, adding that "when I went off to do television, music took a back seat for a while."

The track, "It’s Alive," is about having the tenacity to chase your own dreams. "Even if all the evidence is pointing to the contrary, and to really honor the parts of you that make you feel alive," O'Rourke adds. 

"It's all about following your heart," chimes in Jenner, who has just come off doing season one of the Hills reboot. "You just have to follow your heart when it comes to that stuff and you can't listen to people. If you're constantly listening to what people are saying, you're not being true to yourself. For me, I've always just trusted myself and my gut instinct, no matter what anyone says. If I believe in doing something then I go for it."

"It's Alive" has had quite a long evolution over a few years, O'Rourke says. They began with the beat and, as they began to incorporate more rock n' roll elements into dance music, that's when they built it out to have a full lyrical structure and a hook. "We're proud of the way it came out," he says.

There's also the incredibly artistic and "mind-breakingly beautiful" music video, as O'Rourke describes it, that they brought to life with stop-motion artist Colin Lepper. After discovering Lepper while scouring different artists' profiles, they reached out to him and reimagined some of his art to match the video. The result is quite impressive.

"I do music because it is therapeutic," Jenner relays, adding that he hopes that in season two of New Beginnings, fans can see what he does in real life to get him through the onscreen drama. 

"Hopefully in the second season they start filming more about what we actually do in our real life," Jenner says of his musical endeavors. "Not just gossiping and sitting at a restaurant or going to a nightclub. There are a lot more things that we have going on in our lives that are interesting and cool, and [music] being one of them."

"What people are finally seeing with these songs is a labor of love that me and Brody have been working on for almost six years," O'Rourke says of their tracks. "This is something that we have been [working on for so long and we're excited that] the work we've done over the past several years is finally being shared with the public."


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